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Chem-E-Car Competition EDP Reviewer (Online)

Starts: 02-14-2020
Location: Online Opportunity


Opportunity Overview

The AIChE Chem-E-Car Competition is looking for volunteers to conduct online safety reviews in advance of each competition. Each student team is required to submit an Engineering Documentation Package in advance of each competition.  EDP Reviewers will review the EDP to ensure they have been completed correctly and that the safety rules of the competition have been followed, which helps keeps competitors, judges and bystanders safe.

For more details on the Chem-E-Car Competition, please check out the 2018 Competition video on youtube.


  • Volunteers will receive a copy of the safety rules, and are asked to review their assigned EDPs for compliance with safety rules and completeness.
  • Volunteers are asked to provide general comments regarding the safety of the vehicle and the completeness of the package, which are passed along to the students who will have a chance to remedy any safety concerns before their car is judged onsite by a live safety inspector.
  • A safety evaluation form will be provided to guide the entire review process.


  • Volunteers should hold a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, interest/experience in process safety is helpful but not required.   
  • EDP Reviews instructions are sent out via email so no travel is required to fulfill this duty.

Time Commitment

  • The total anticipated time estimate is 2 hours per EDP. 
  • Each volunteer is asked to review ~2 EDPs.

When Are EDP Reviews Conducted?

  • EDP Reviews for the  Regional Competitions will take place are conducted in February and March of each year.
  • The EDP Reviews for the Annual Student Conference will be conducted in September of each year.



Safety & Health (SH)

Volunteers Needed:

200 (168 open slots)

Experience Required:

0-3 Years Technical Volunteer Experience




Harpreet Singh

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