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Safety of Agrochemical Supply Chain - Storage and Transportation, Security Vulnerabilities- PRESENTATION ENCLOSED-REG

08-09-2017 20:49

Agricultural development continues to remain the most important objective of Indian planning and policy. In the process of development of agriculture, pesticides have become a valuable tool as a plant protection agent for boosting food production. Further, pesticides play a significant role by keeping away of many dreadful diseases of the Plants. However, exposure to pesticides/Agro Chemicals as a part of dual usage by Sabotage, Occupationally, Transportation Accidents in the supply Chain and environmentally causes are jeopardizing the existence of mankind.
One of the important UN convention ratified by the Nations in April,1997 is Chemical Weapon Convention (CWC), the International Treaty Banning the Development, Production, Transportation and use of Chemicals arms. Today 188 States, accounting for 98% of world Population as well as 98% of Global Chemical Industry have signed and Ratified the CWC. Presently the Indian Economy is shifting from Agricultural Economy to Industrial Economy. There is a Proliferation of Chemical, Cosmetic and Pharma (API) Industries, using the no of Argo Chemicals & Toxicants as listed in the Annexure to CWC Treaty for peaceful purposes and Development of Mankind.

Now the Prime focus of the CWC as pointed out by a British CW analyst Julian Perry Robinson is that “Protecting the Nations from the malign exploitation of dual use Chemistry”, Production equipment and Technologies that have both peaceful and Military Applications. The History of Warfare reveals that even the Nations used crudely to contain the enemies and Terrorize the Civilians the deadly Industrial Hazardous Chemicals like Chlorine, Phosgene, Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) gas, Ammonia etc.
Some of these listed Hazardous Agrochemicals of the manufacturing facilities under the Schedules of Factories Act,1948 and the Amended Act,1987 & Telangana State Factories Rules, Environment Protection(EP) Act,1986 and the Rules made there under, The Manufacture, Storage and Import of Hazardous Chemicals Rules(MSIHC) 1989- under the EP Act, The Chemical Accidents Emergency Planning and Preparedness Rules,1996 under the EP Act are regulating with a concerned for Public and Employee Safety and also preventing its Dual usage.
The INDIAN Central Motor Vehicles Rules,1989 for the safety in Transportation of Agrochemicals under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, THE Insecticide Act ,1968 and Insecticide Rules, 1971, Amended Rules 1991 are certain Indian Statutory enactments governing the Regulation aspects of Safe usage of Agrochemicals. The Security aspects are governed by the Code of IPC-1860, Crpc-1973, CPC-1908.

But there is no Comprehensive Legislation under the Indian Statutes, preventing the dual misuse of Agrochemicals. There are about 229 Pesticides have been Registered under the Insecticide Act,1968.

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