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John Maziuk


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Hi, I’m John Maziuk!
My history of success in Environmental Chemical Engineering is directly related to my ability to develop and process chemical solutions and products in order to revolutionize the commercial industry. I’m an expert at sodium carbonates, bicarbonates, and peroxide chemicals to name a few. I have also conducted over 22 technical presentations, written over 26 technical papers on the uses of commercialized chemical products, and I’m the holder of 7 patents, 4 of which are individually held.

I tackle life and management scenarios with meticulous strategies designed based on my expertise in the following areas:
 Product Sales & Marketing
 Air & Water Quality/ Treatment
 Pollution Control Technology
 Process Improvements
 Environmental Regulations
 Relationship Building

While others take pride in meeting all standards set before them, my passion is for delivering service that goes beyond organizational expectations, creating a win-win scenario for everyone involved!

Please feel free to contact me at with any thoughts, comments, or questions about my work— I’m always interested in making new professional acquaintances.


New Jersey Institute of Technology
Newark, New Jersey, United States
Chemical Engineering
To 1976



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