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Marcell Jeldes Colon


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Operations Manager

Eco-Klean S. A.
 – Present (2 years 1 month)Buena Vista, Colon, Panama

Leading a 54 employees of oil recycling plant. Under my responsibilities the following
ï‚· Production Manager
ï‚· Effluent plant Manager.
ï‚· Maintenance Manager.
ï‚· Logistic department.

Recycling waste oil and submit it in a process in order to recover the Fuel Oil as an Auxiliary
Fuel Oil (AFO) and prepare it in order to sell as an alternate fuel.
Leads the operations from collecting the Sludge, Slop or waste oil from Vessels, Processing
chemical and non-chemical plants to our facilities in order to contribute in a better environment
handling that kind of waste. At the same time, the logistic of oil collection and solids for its final
disposal in order to meet the environmental standards.
Make de annual budget consider the expenditures in every department. Optimize the
resources in order to execute the budget at maximum savings.
1. New Tank farm design, construction and commissioning
2. New Plant's revamping construction of a thermal unit that involves:
ï‚· New production strategies.
ï‚· Process automation.
ï‚· Budget plan
ï‚· Training personnel

Proyects pending in progress:
1. Process automation for the rest of the units.
2. Revamping the existing process.
Main goals:
1. Achievements the company's goal integrating all the colleagues into a perfect team work.
2. Zero harm nor incidents. Eradicating substandard conditions.
3. Improve personnel performance.
4. Improve product production
5. Make budget and optimizing costs.

6. Develop overviews and procedures.

7. Provide technical solutions.
8. Work with other departments team leaders in order to develop effective timelines and base lines projects.
9. Profit-loss analysis.

Service Engineer

 –  (6 months)Panama, Panama

• Calibration even non-Endress+Hauser equipments for different flow meters (coriolis, magmeters, ultrasonic, dp flowmeters), temperature meters, pressure meters, pH meters, Conductivity meters, etc.
• FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) and Commissioning. Our recent project is preparing a package for ICE (Instituto Costaricense de Electricidad) consists Micropilot S FMR531/5 (radar technology for measuring level), Prothermo NMT532 (Temperature average and at the end a capacitive probe to identify water level in oil); al those equipments connected to a Tank side Monitor NRF590. A Cerabar S PMP71/PMC71 (a platinum diaphragm to measure the pressure), Omnigrad TR66 (for measuring the temperature in pipe), Promass 84F (to measure mass and volume with custody transfer certified). All those flow equipments (flow, temperature, pressure) will be recorded in a OmniFlow Comuter 6000 in order to totalized the volumen using the API table built in order to obtain the corrected volumes values due to pressure and temperature (CPL and CTL)

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  • Luz Delia Sanchez
    Luz Delia Sanchez
    Business Leader / Instrumentation - Chemical Engineer

    Marcell is an excellent person. He is able to work effectively with other co-workers, making him a great addition to the team. With his abilities, adaptability, and dedication, Marcell will have a great performance on his work.View


General Manager

Ingenieria & Servicios Tecnicos Industriales
 –  (1 year 11 months)Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Projects in the field of Industrial Services and personnel training courses.


Operation engineer

Ingeniería Jeldes
 –  (2 years 1 month)Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

As a contractor of Shell Company (retail). Our team, install and supervise; piping working, electrical and instrumentation labor, civil working for the following units:
• Ground Water Treatment System (GWTS)
• Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE)
• Catalyst Combustion Device (Cat-Ox)

The erected equipment have been followed the electrical tasks, the control system apparatus and logical checking of each diagram, the piping installations, the wells pumps installation and settings and finally the upgrade the “as built” blueprints.

This equipment was installed and is running at the Shell-27 de febrero station.


Production Manager

Consorcio TECNO-DEAH
 –  (10 months)San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic

Responsible for the entire process of alcohol synthesis and distillation: from the receiving of the sugar cane molasses(or another sugar material), continuing with the mash preparation process in order to ferment the sugars to alcohol by yeast action and finishing with the alcohol refining (distillation) to produce ethanol and methanol for selling purposes. Responsibilities include production strategy; making the SOP (standard operational procedures) preparation of budget for operations, mechanical, instrumentation, electrical and safety according to production needs; and coordination of operator’s shifts.
Developing the fermentation technique in order to avoid contamination means propagation of pathogen microorganism that can diminish the yeast propagation and the alcohol quality.
Establishing the control elements, installing the required devices to pursue the automation and commissioning all the loops. Built a PLC and set up the tuning of all the controls in the plant.
Supplying all the Laboratory equipment according of the needs of our quality system. Making the laboratory analysis procedures and set up the goals to achieve. Preparing all the glassware, handling the instrumental apparatus such as spectrophotometer, polarimeter, and chromatographer. In the other hand, preparing the microbiological Laboratory in order to monitor the yeast activation, reproduction and fermentation.
Environmental control of wastewater using bio-treatment in order to prevent soil and wild life damage.

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Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez Urena
Chemical Engineering
2001 To 2005



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