Mr Badr Aldossari

R&D Engineer,
Yokogawa Saudi Arabia Company

Badr Aldossari


Saudi Arabia


  • Instrumentation & Automation

Job Function

  • Research & Development


My name is Badr Aldossari. I graduated from Massey University in New Zealand in the field of Chemical and Biological Process Engineering. I currently work for Yokogawa Saudi Arabia Company which is specialized in industrial automation and control systems like APC, DCS, PLC ...etc. I am positioned in the research and development center as an R&D Engineer. My role is to apply my chemical background and help instrumentation and control engineers with projects related to chemicals and oil&gas processes like heat exchangers, distillation columns, crude stabilizers, three-phase separators, fluids dynamics ...etc. 

I live in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. In the past before I became an engineer, I worked as a field mechanic for Saudi Aramco, an oil&gas company in Saudi Arabia. I excelled and was proud to complete major maintenance tasks with high safety quality. Then, I decided to learn more and to be more professional not only the mechanical parts, but also the know-how of the chemical processes in a more detailed level. This is how I became a Chemical Engineer.

I am determined and stubborn in a positive way. I enjoy challenges as they make me feel the value of my effort . I see that on myself right now, from a mechanic who is expert in dealing with tools and knows little about chemical processes to a maintenance expert and a process engineer.​


Massey University
Palmerston North, New Zealand
Chemical Engineering
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