Mr Slamet Suryanto, Ir,MEng

Head of Loss Prevention & Risk Engineering, NFE LNG Project,
Qatar Gas

Slamet Suryanto




  • Energy, Fossil

Job Function

  • Safety and Loss Prevention


a) Studies related qualitative and quantitative risk assessment for onshore and offshore facilities, e.g. Scenario-Based Risk Assessment, QRA, COP Hunt (Critical Operation Paramater), FERA, EERA, Plant Building Risk Assessment, Societal Risk Assessment, Offshore Safety Case, Env. Risk Assessment, Pipeline Risk Assessment, etc.
b) Studies hazard identification and analysis through various techniques, e.g. HAZID, HAZOP, What-IF, Dispersion and Consequence Analysis, Fire, Explosion & Toxic Analysis, Probit Analysis, Safety Analysis, SIL Assessment, 3D Model Review, Means of Egress Analysis, Crowd Engineering, Flare Flame-out Analysis, etc.
c) Delivers training on Risk Assessment and Management, QRA, (Quantitative and Qualitative either), Process Safety, PHA, Contractor Safety Management and Fire Protection Engineering.
d) Provides consultation in various loss prevention and HSE matters.
e) Provides management of change on SHE risk management, process safety, plant buildings and project risks.
f) Member of AIChE and SFPE (Society of Fire Protection Engineers).


University of Indonesia
Depok, Indonesia
Other Engineering
To 2006

University of Diponegoro
Chemical Engineering
To 1991


  • AIChE Senior Member
  • Safety & Health Division Online

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