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Welding Inspector,
Water Swirled Into Gas Turbine Technology

Leonard Andersen


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Management, Engineering & Design


Resume for Leonard M. Andersen BSChE Process Engineer –Construction Manager – Welding Inspector AWS CWI ( HP SecureMail voltage connected )
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Career Objective – Work as an experienced chemical engineer in process engineering or --- reflecting 20 years of experience , eleven patents , Construction Project Manager position for plus 5 years , welding engineering for structural steel applications and marine construction diving management experience

Professional Experience

Currently since August 2014 – Welding Inspection Engineer - Employer name upon request - New York , Connecticut , Ohio and attended the TurboExpo Montreal and took short course in gas turbine aircraft engines

Journalist World Petroleum Congress ( ) Moscow June 2014

Senior member in the New York Metropolitan section AIChE ( ) attending most meeting last +9 years and research focuses on chemical engineering petroleum / lubrication / gas turbines. Welding Inspector CWI / Construction Project Manager Employed October 2000 to May 2014 New York City Department of Transportation - Division of Bridges. Recently I was a lead on a geotechnical situation ( foundations ) for the Willis Avenue Bridge (Largest Contract of the City of New York at 612 million with + 50 million cost over run). Such reflected a background as a dockbuilder member of Dockbuilders LU 1556 / 1456 since 1987 and attending +90% of civil engineering geotechnical ASCE meetings New York area last nine years. Inputted on drawing of bridges, field inspection of bridges, doing inspection at the facilities that produce heavy welded and bolted steel assemblies for bridges. The projects which were participated in are in the range from 100 million USD to 700 million USD. I was the only American Welding Society AWS Certified Welding Inspector CWI that the City of New York employed.

Concurrent on going work outside full time employment! I participated in professional society events including AWS's -Underwater Welding and Cutting- November 12 2012 "Interactive Wet Welding" presentation to the AWS annual meeting. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia March 2011 I gave a welding inspection daylong workshop and presented a paper at an engineering event! At the ASCE sponsored event I gave a class in welding inspection for bridges! 2008 International Orthotropic Bridge Conference One-Day Workshop, "Welding Inspection of Orthotropic Decks Workshop". As an experienced American Welding Society AWS Certified Welding Inspector CWI I have inputted into the AWS forum online with about 200 separate postings and attended meetings. As an active ASCE Metro section New York City area member I attended over sixty evening presentations and about three full day , half day presentations a year since 2006 Last plus fourteen years I have spoken Chinese every day at work. Worked in Spanish language in Mexico, Spain etc., and Arabic in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for near a year, Norwegian in Norway etc for about six months and worked in the Russian language. In journalism I covered the World Petroleum Congress events 2002 Rio de Janeiro Brazil , 2005 Johannesburg South Africa , 2008 Madrid Spain , 2011 Doha Qatar and Moscow Russia 2014 June 15 - 19 as an accredited journalist. Fellow journalist mentioned at the last one, "You know everyone". Inventing one patent issued in Lubricating / Motor Oil and Gas Turbine Technology 8,671,696 and one gas turbine patent pending which I wrote. Pursuant to such I attended STLE ( ) events and International Gas Turbine Institute (IGTI) ASME events. As a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers I have attended meetings and inputted to online communities more than 200 times.
1995 – 2000 Process engineering / construction manager in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ( Oil Slug to Environmentally acceptable solids, water and crude oil ) , Mexico Surface facilities Process Engineering. Engineer doing consulting / Welding Engineering Inspection for American Bureau of Shipping and New York City

1995 Econergy Associates Chemical Engineering

Work before Loss Prevention Supervisor / Nuclear Waste Management / EPA Environmental Compliance

 Registered Representative ( Stock Broker ) Securities Training Corporation New York , New York ( worked as a stock broker Wall Street )
 BSChE Chemical Engineering Degree, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
 Associates of Applied Science of Chemical Technology, Westchester Community College, Valhalla , NY
 Diploma in Marine Diving, College of Oceaneering , Wilmington CA
 US Army Engineering School, Fort Belvoir, VA Society of Petroleum Engineers, Short Courses
 American Welding Society, Course leading to CWI (Certified Welding Inspector)
 Short Courses Society of Petroleum Engineers

Published Works – Welding Journal - one and Society of Petroleum Engineers 30994 & 23183-
One Water Swirled Into Gas Turbine Patent Pending Overdue for Issuance and one Provisional Application.
Gas Turbine Thrust Fuel Efficiency Enhancement System Water (Volatile) Introduction Arrangement Method and Means 20120272635 overdue for issuance
Lubricating/sealing oil-based composition and method of manufacture thereof - 6,358,891
Additionally Five patents in welding , two in petroleum extraction

Non-Professional Experience

Manager of Worlds Largest Diving Contract having Concern as Inside Multi Year Contracted to Largest Petroleum Producing Company , Carpenter heavy construction +10 years ( continued in the Union for input on engineering work from union members as a dockbuilder member of Dockbuilders LU 1556 / 1456 since 1987 ) , Subway conductor New York City Transit Authority - life long interest in railroading, Merchant Seaman Norwegian and Danish Flag New York City Licensed Taxi Driver prior to 2000.
Skills - Manager , Innovation, dealing with people

Active Memberships in Engineering and Technical Societies
 Metro New York Section, American Institute of Chemical Engineers attends meetings member

 The Metropolitan Section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) in New York City attends meetings as a member /

 New York and New England Petroleum ( Society of Petroleum Engineers )

 ASCE Metropolitan Section the local section of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) in the
New York City metro area attending two or more meetings monthly member and out of town events

 American Welding Society ( ) local leader at

 Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers


International travel for employment to Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil,
Bulgaria, Canada, China, Columbia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Japan, Jordan, Mexico, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Qatar, Russia, Spain, Trinidad, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Venezuela, Vietnam. Interest in Gas Turbine Technology, Metallurgy / Welding , Computers , Aviation , Tribology / Lubrication, Ships / Marine Technology

Marital Status – Single

Computer / Internet – Every day at work for fifteen years for about four hours


International Gas Trubine Institute
Mechanical Engineering
To 2015

Securities Training Institute / New York NY
Business School
To 1993

College of Oceaneering
Other Engineering
To 1975

University of Arizona / Tucson
Chemical Engineering
To 1972


  • AIChE Senior Member
  • Metro New York Local Section
  • North American Mixing Forum
  • Upstream Engineering and Flow Assurance Forum

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