Mr Tata Venkata Suryaprakash


Tata Suryaprakash




  • Consulting

Job Function

  • Project Engineering


Seasoned PROJECT Engineer with prima focus on HSE, Loss Prevention and technical studies assurance. Ensuring projects from FEED till Completions management through detailed Engineering, construction Management, Pre-commissioning and commissioning.
Ensure that Engineering procedures, tools & systems are effective and efficient for delivering
best practice across Major projects.
Support Major Project Delivery (proposal, start-up, major complex projects, Customers)
Ensure Engineering capability to deliver Major projects
Continuously Improve work processes and ensure that:-
Layout conforms to project HSE & ergonomic guidelines for safe personnel operation.
Hazardous area zones finalized and equipment is suitable for zone.
Emergency station (Emergency Shut Down stations) isolation Battery limit valves are in safe accessible locations.
Firefighting equipment locations have been finalized.
Fire & safety equipment located for maximum accessibility and minimum exposure to fire, explosion and hydrocarbon releases.
Equipment has been adequately spaced for maintenance and removal: e.g., tube bundles, heater/ filter elements, vessel catalyst, trays, relief valves, valve actuators, thermowells, probes, rotating equipment drivers, pump and compressor internals etc. and envelopes have been placed in the model.
Elevations of equipment connection flanges are adequate to permit servicing of strainers and drains in connecting piping.
Reciprocating compressor and pump pulsation bottles positioned correctly
Pumps are not located under elevated pipe-racks, especially air cooled exchangers
Has the pump seal requirements been considered and do they prevent access.
ACHE located to minimize risk of hot air circulation form other heat exchangers, exhausts and the flares.
Transformers are shielded from the process units, behind sub-stations.
Fire heaters and combustion equipment located at a safe distance from hazardous areas


Andhra University
Chemical Engineering
To 1997



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