Mr Richard S Rosera, BSChemE,MSChemE,MBA

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Richard Rosera


United States


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  • Consulting (in private practice)


Consultant with an environmental, health, safety & security (EHS&S) background, manufacturing and quality improvement expertise, community and regulatory relations experience, and customer-oriented outlook to enhance the operation and growth of a business. Extensive chemical regulatory, manufacturing management, and community relations experience, with a particular expertise emphasis in high hazard chemical process safety.

2016 American Society of Safety Engineers Safety Professional of the Year for Environmental Practice Specialty (see

Chemical Industry EHS Experience:

High Hazard Processes:
• Aerosol product manufacturing
• Anionic surfactant manufacturing (sulfonation & sulfation)
• Emulsion, solution, suspension & bulk polymerization
• Ammonium thiocyanate production
• High purity inorganic acid distillation

High Hazard Chemical Handling & Use:
• LPG & 152a (1,1-difluoroethane) aerosol propellants
• Unstabilized sulfur trioxide
• 20% oleum (20% sulfur trioxide in sulfuric acid)
• Sulfur dioxide
• Strong inorganic & organic acids (30-37% hydrochloric acid; 50% hydrofluoric acid; 70% nitric acid; 93-98% sulfuric acid, sulfonic acids & acetic acid) & strong bases, such as caustics & organic amines
• Anhydrous ammonia; 29% & 44% aqua ammonia
• Carbon disulfide & ammonium sulfide
• Polymerization monomers (acrylics, acrylates, methacrylates, styrene, divinylbenzene, vinyl acetate & diisocyanates)
• Polymerization initiators (organic peroxides, hydroperoxides, peroxybenzoates, peroxycarbonates & azo initiators)
• Oxidizers & reducing agents, such as 13% sodium hypochlorite, sodium & potassium chlorate & iodate, 35% & 50% hydrogen peroxide, and 35% hydrazine
• Solvents, such as denatured alcohol, acetone, mixed xylenes, toluene, mineral spirits, solvent 100, ethyl acetate, n-butanol, MEK, MIBK, isopropanol, glycol ethers, heptane & perchloroethylene
• Arsenic acid & aniline


Penn State-Capitol Campus
Business School
To 1981

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Chemical Engineering
To 1970

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Chemical Engineering
To 1968


  • AIChE Senior Member
  • Safety & Health Division
  • Virtual Local Section

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