Mr Samuel Tuquabo Mobae

Techincal Instructor,
CEVOT(Center for Vocational Training)

Samuel Mobae




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I am a newly fresh graduate out of college, as you could see from my profile picture( the festivity is not over yet), and looking for adventure in the world of Engineering. Leaving the life of college -memorable life- I am looking for a journey that not only empowers and embolden what I was taught in college, but to learn a life of inter-dependency, reliability, vision and clairvoyance.

In the first two jobs I have worked I learned that, even if I haven’t graduated, people still trusted and relied on me to leave the important aspect of the work for me to handle it. When you worked with this kind of work culture and you get graduated, your confidence reaches the pick and you want all sorts of challenges.

I love meeting new people with every passion and skill they bring to the table. We have no idea how much people from different race and background could contribute and educate someone on their journey. I believe two head is better than one.

If you believe I can be of value to your work contact me through my E-mail.


EIT(Eritrean institute of technology)
Chemical Engineering
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