Dan Lambert

Fellow Engineer,
Savannah River National Laboratory

Dan Lambert


United States


  • Nuclear

Job Function

  • Research & Development


Area of Expertise: Develop chemical process improvements for stabilization of high level radioactive waste in the Defense Waste Processing Facility. Involved in eliminating flammable gas generation, improving antifoam agent, and improving the recovery of mercury during processing

Employer: Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, Savannah River National Laboratory, Aiken, SC

Family: Married to Nancy (nurse), two children (Mike BS ChE, PE for SI Industries, Freeport, TX; Eric, BS ChE seeking PhD in Pharmaceutics Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA), Murphy (golden retriever)

AIChE Leadership: Virtual Local Section (VLS) Chair (2010-2012), Central Savannah River (2008 Chair, 2010-2012 director), LDC programming chair 2009, Nuclear Engineering Division (2008 Chair), CEOC member 2010-2012, CEOC chair 2013, Associate Webinar Editor (2012-2017), Webinar Editor (2017-present) Member Continuing Education Committee (2017-present), Member NED, 2010 AIChE Shining Star Award, Fellow, Gary Leach Award, BOD 2014-2016, Robert E. Wilson Award 2017

Hobbies: Teach Sunday School (1989-present), work out at family Y, Research Team Member for Galactosemia Foundation (2005-present), encourage my kids



Ohio State University
Chemical Engineering
To 1982


  • AIChE Fellow
  • Central Savannah River Local Section
  • Nuclear Engineering Division
  • Virtual Local Section

Current Entity Roles

  • Membership (Member)
  • Virtual Local Section (Chair)

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