Ms Louisa Augusta Nara, CCEP,CCPSC

Global Technical Director,

Louisa Nara


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Louisa Nara joined the AIChE’s Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) in 2010 as the Technical Director responsible for CCPS book projects, tools and training development.  In 2017, she assumed her current role as Global Technical Director. This position is the capstone of a 37+ year career in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.  Louisa began her work at the site level in operations and process engineering and continued, successively, in regional and global technical leadership roles.  She has also spent time in consulting.  Louisa gained her expertise in engineering, process safety, crisis management, and emergency response from hands-on experience preventing, investigating, and responding to significant incidents. Most recently, before joining CCPS, Louisa was Director, Risk Management and Compliance, for Bayer MaterialSciences (now Covestro) in NAFTA.

 Louisa is responsible for providing subject matter expertise on all matters relating to CCPS technical content and tools, including intellectual property, and copyright and branding issues. Louisa also serves as a primary instructor for CCPS training courses, and evaluates and approves CCPS instructors worldwide.  She represents CCPS and AIChE globally with member companies, and government and trade associations as part of CCPS’ Responsible Collaboration outreach. She has interviewed high-ranking corporate executives and regulators about the importance of process safety and how to improve it.  She is a frequent speaker at conferences and meetings around the world, sharing lessons learned and enhancing process safety knowledge and risk awareness.

 Louisa has a BS in chemical engineering from West Virginia University and an MS from Villanova University in water resources and environmental engineering.  Louisa is a Certified Process Safety Professional (CCPSC) and a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional (CCEP). She was elected to the West Virginia University Chemical Engineering Academy for her outstanding professional accomplishments.

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Villanova University
Villanova, Pennsylvania, United States
Other Engineering
To 1989

West Virginia University
Morgantown, West Virginia, United States
Chemical Engineering
To 1981


  • AIChE Fellow


  • CCPS - Project 152- Process Safety Beacon (Member)
  • CCPS - Project 152- Process Safety Beacon (Member) (CCPS)
  • CCPS - Project 219 (Member)
  • CCPS - Project 233- Process Safety Metrics (Member)
  • CCPS - Project 233- Process Safety Metrics (Peer Reviewer)
  • CCPS - Project 237- Bow Tie Analysis (Member)
  • CCPS - Project 239 (Member)
  • CCPS - Project 244- Process Safety-Vision 2020 (Member)
  • CCPS - Project 245- Business Care For PS and Sustainability (Member) (CCPS)
  • CCPS - Project 245- Business Care For PS and Sustainability (Peer Reviewer)
  • CCPS - Project 246- GL For Siting and Layout of Facilities, 2nd Ed. (Peer Reviewer)
  • CCPS - Project 247 (Member)
  • CCPS - Project 248- Tools For Making Acute Risk Decisions (Peer Reviewer)
  • CCPS - Project 251 - PS In Pilot Plants and Laboratories (Peer Reviewer)
  • CCPS - Project 254 (Staff Liaison)
  • CCPS - Project 256 (Chair)
  • CCPS - Project 257-Translation of CCPS Books/Tools Into Chinese (Member)
  • CCPS - Project 260-Translation of CCPS Books Into Spanish (Member)
  • CCPS - Project 261-Translation of CCPS Books Into Portuguese (Member)
  • CCPS - Project 267- Process Safety Leadership Challenge (Peer Reviewer)
  • CCPS - Project 267- Process Safety Leadership Challenge (Member)
  • CCPS - Project 268-Assessing & Managing the Risk of Aging Equipment (Member) (CCPS)
  • CCPS - Project 269- Preventing Normalization of Deviation (Peer Reviewer)
  • CCPS - Project 270: GL For Process Safety In Upstream and Shale Ops (Member)
  • CCPS - Project 276: GL For Essential of Safe Work Practices (Member)
  • CCPS Planning Committee (Member) (CCPS)
  • CCPS Project 281: Human Performance For Process Safety Profe (Member)
  • CCPS Project 282: Guidelines For Investigating Chemical Proc (Member)
  • CCPS Project 283-Guidelines For the Revalidation of Phas, 2 (Member)
  • CCPS Project 285: Guidelines For the Revalidation of Phas (Staff Liaison) (AIChE/CCPS )
  • CCPS TSC Planning Committee (Member)
  • Project 280: Dow Risk Analysis Screening Tool (RAST) (Member) (AIChE)
  • Project 281: Human Performance for PS Professionals (Member)
  • Project 282: Guidelines For Investigating Chemical Process (Member)
  • Project 285: Business Case For Process Safety/Sustainability (Member)
  • Project 289: Golden Rules of PS For Specific Tech (Member)
  • SACHE-Project 72 (Member)
  • Staff Consultants (Member)

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