Erik Jon Thompson, PE

Senior Engineer & QA/QC Lead,
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Erik Thompson


United States


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  • Management, Executive


Erik Thompson P.E.
Portland, OR  503.473.5267 

Professional Profile:
Chemical Engineer P.E. with 13 to 15 years industrial design and project development experience. Working in multiple industries, including petrochemical, carbon fiber/polymer resin manufacturing, food processing, polysilcon and semiconductor manufacturing. I have taken projects from conceptual PFDs and preliminary PIDs, through detailed design, permitting, controls design and start-up. Over the years I have worked as a discipline lead and managed multi-discipline projects, including multiple design scopes of work, including process cooling systems, waste water pre-treatment systems, HVAC mechanical systems, electrical, controls, process development, and process hazard analysis. Prior to my formal engineering career I worked in the automotive business for 8 to 10 years where I worked in retail auto sales, parts (own business) and service while also developing and campaigning my own PRO-Rally cars both as a builder/driver and team manager.
My 20+ years of business and engineering experience have helped me develop as an effective leader with respect to project execution and staff management. I manage both projects and staff using a straight forward problem solving methodology, which includes evaluation of the situation and objectives at hand, identification of data and resources available, and the coordination or allocation of our assets in such as way as to accomplish the best and most complete result in the shortest time possible. Additionally, I am a proactive manager and engineer, not reactive. I believe proactive management promotes a positive work environment and produces better project outcomes while allowing for more effective scope management, resulting in a positive work environment and happy clients.

Career Objectives:
At this point in my professional career I am looking for a position where I can use my combined engineering, business, and management skills and experience. Specifically, I am looking for a position as an Engineering Department Manager or multi-discipline large project Design Manager. As noted below, I am currently working as my firm’s engineering QA/QC reviewer and as a mentor to early-career engineers. However, due to the small size of my current firm there are few opportunities for continued professional growth. Thus, I am looking for a new organization where I can continue to grow and develop professionally and contribute to the growth of the company, as well as the company’s and my advancement within the industry.

Professional Experience:
I have developed a broad base of engineering knowledge allowing me to manage and assimilate the technical aspects of large complex projects while at the same time being able to maintain attention to detail. Additionally, on the business side of engineering I have a solid skill set relative to the definition and management of a project’s scope of work. Please see below some examples of my past projects and design management roles and responsibilities.
11+ years: Working for a small to mid-sized engineering, procurement, and construction management firm in the Northwest, with projects throughout the US, working primarily with overseas customers locating facilities in the US, I have held multiple positions within the firm as I have helped to build the firm’s engineering department. Currently I am the Senior Chemical Engineer & Lead QA/QC Reviewer. Prior to my current QA/QC and design mentoring work, I have held multiple design and leadership roles on a number of our firm’s major projects; see below for a list of some of the projects and design.
• Design QA/QC coordination reviewer for large food processing plant expansion (~$35m) involving 5 different design firms.
• FDA compliant HVAC retrofit design and flour conveying system re-commissioning design for food processing plant (~$10m).
• Plumbing Design, Waste Water Pre-treatment system and Exhaust Odor Scrubber specifications, along with design QA/QC coordination for a greenfield specialty fermentation-based food supplement manufacturing plant (~$25m).
• Process Design Lead and QA/QC coordination for FDA food processing facility expansion (~$16m), taking the project from conceptual customer flow diagram, through local permitting, construction, and process start-up. Including identification and mitigation of process hazards, such as combustible dust, acid/base chemical storage and handling.
• Design Lead for retro-fit of decommissioned petro-chemical specialty process facility (~$7m), developed construction and controls design for management of flammable liquids in the production of oil viscosity additive, including permitting and construction documents, and managed controls/HMI programming.
• In support of large chemical plant expansion performed ASME Section VIII custom fitting design calculations.
• Provided technical review and coordination for procurement of specialized production equipment and engineering technology for large overseas specialty material manufacturing facility (~$100m in procured equipment and services).
• Led research and development of integrated basic design package for large overseas polysilicon manufacturing plant, (~$650m off-shore project). Work included identifying and developing relevant technologies, developing new applications of existing technologies, and combining them into a new resource efficient coordinated plant design using multiple sub-vendors for both specialized equipment and engineering technologies along with in-house developed designs.
• Design and Procurement Lead for the expansion of existing carbon fiber pre-preg manufacturing facility (~$40m). Led and coordinated a multi-discipline design team in expanding the existing manufacturing building (~40,000 sq.ft.), which also included, specialized HVAC for production environment, new central utility plant and flammable chemical storage expansion, in addition to install of new production equipment.
• Design Lead for process equipment installation and service during construction for related building expansion of carbon fiber pre-preg facility (~$30m). In addition to development of equipment install designs for a new generation of specialized production equipment, I also contributed to the design of VOC chemical storage tank farm and distribution system.
• Design Lead for sake infusion plant. Developed the project from preliminary PIDs and equipment data sheets up through permitting. However, due to customer’s business model shortcomings the project failed to proceed beyond permitting.
3 months: Contract structural design work for large semiconductor manufacturer (located in Hillsboro, OR). Developed master template production equipment pedestals coordinating structural design with mechanical and electrical design requirements.
1+ year: Process System Design Engineer working for large engineering firm (located in Portland, OR). Designed Process support utilities (high purity gases and chemicals storage and distribution, process cooling and other water systems) for new semiconductor FABs for large semiconductor manufacture, on projects both in the US and overseas.
6 months: Semiconductor Tool Install Design Team Leader and Base-build Sub-FAB Construction Coordinator for large Engineering firm working in Aloha, OR. Led multidiscipline design team retrofitting an existing semiconductor FAB and performed service during construction work for base-building utility upgrades.

Education and Special Knowledge:
• B.S. Chemical Engineering w/ minor in Occupational Safety – Oregon State University
o Additional design and leadership experience through working on the DOE WERC Technology Development Research Program. Participated in and lead research design teams in ground water filtration and solid waste decontamination.
• Skilled with multiple software packages in addition to MS Office (Outlook, Work, Excel & PowerPoint) such as:
o Elite CHVAC - HVAC modeling program & PipeFlow Expert software for hydraulic system modeling.
o 2-D AutoCAD experience, plus exposure to AutoCAD Plant 3-D, and training with Triflex (pipe stress analysis).
• Extensive knowledge and application of multiple Industrial Standards and Building Codes:
o American Society of Mechanical Engineers - ASME Section VIII Code for Boilers and Unfired Pressure Vessels
o American Petroleum Institute – API 650 tank design and specification, API valve specifications.
o International Code Council codes: Building (IBC), Mechanical (IMC), Fuel Gas (IFCG), Plumbing (IPC), and Fire (IFC)
o National Fire Protection Association (NFPA):
• Flammable and Combustible Liquid Code – NFPA 30
• Multiple Combustible Dust Codes – NFPA 61, 68, 69, 499, 654
• Installation of Sprinkler Systems and Fire Alarm and Signaling Code – NFPA 13 & 72
o Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) – Fall Protection and Personnel Protection regulations, etc.
Licenses and Professional Associations:
• Licensed P.E. in the following states: Oregon, Washington, Pennsylvania, North Carolina.
• NCEES national records registration, member AIChE


Oregon State University
Chemical Engineering
To 1999


  • AIChE Senior Member
  • Columbia Pacific Local Section
  • Oregon Local Section

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