Mr Santanu Talukdar, EurIng,CEng,CSci,MIChemE,SMAIChE

Santanu Talukdar



  • Consulting, Individual

Job Function

  • Consulting (in private practice)


I am professional scientist, a professional chemical engineer by practice, and is a Member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (UK), and Senior Member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (USA). I am a registered professional scientist in the UK, and a registered professional engineer in the UK, and Europe.

My competency lies in doing process modeling, analysis, concept designs, and providing solutions in process development, process engineering, and process controls , in various process industries as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, refining, and others. Experiences range from applications in various reactors as CSTR, fluidized, fixed bed, distillation from fractionating, to azeotrope, and multi stage evaporators.


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