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Actively engaged as a Technical Consultant for several Indian & overseas companies Expertise : Multiphase reactor design,separation processes (distillation/absorption/adsorption & membrane separations).In 2 such assignment reliable design methods were developed for distillation columns and Demisters.More than 1000 packed distillation and absorption columns designed during this assignment are working successfully for past 35 yrs.Continue advising companies on improvements in process performance on various fronts ranging from efficiency to energy conservation and environmental issues.
Special features
Taught all possible Chemical Engineering subjects.Besides teaching carried out research in Membrane & Adsorptive separations, Mass transfer & hydrodynamics in Multiphase Reactors,Photocatalytic treatment of refractory industrial wastes, etc.Could solve critical operating problems yielding significant economic benefits.This was at marginal costs. As an example a simple modifications costing ~ 600 US Dollars eliminated a 300 TR chiller load. In another case understanding of the chemistry of the process & from thence presence of a thermodynamic limitation,marginal changes gave significant benefits.Theory without practice is generally considered “Dry” but practice without theory can be disastrous. Successfully solved critical problems by a judicious combination of theory & practice as evinced from two examples ( amongst many) above. I call this “Process intensification / Sustainable Development through Fusion of Theory & Practice. Presentations based on such cases presented at various industrial & academic fora have been highly acclaimed.
The breadth & depth of knowledge of basics of Chemical Engineering & recent advances in its various branches allow me to devise alternative sustainable processes. I would welcome challenging issues which are critical for the profitability & more importantly sustainability of industrial processes.


University of Mumbai
Chemical Engineering
To 1973

Nagpur University
Chemical Engineering
To 1969

Nagpur University
Chemical Engineering
To 1967


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