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Monica Molero was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela. She has always been an industrious person, committed to her goals, with a very strong decision to grow, succeed and taking with passion each personal and professional step. Throughout her life, Molero has exhibited how persistent and focused she can be by being an excellent worker while being the mom of two children. On a personal side she also has been a professional ballet dancer, a passion that won her heart since she was 4.
In 1998 she obtained her Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering, graduating 1st in her class. In 2005 she earned her Master Degree in Business Administration. Immediately she took her first steps in Teaching and Researching, working at University Rafael Urdaneta in Maracaibo, Venezuela, where she had the opportunity to be Research & Development course Advisor.
After three years, striving to excel in her professional career, she participated in a contest to be Professor and Researcher at the University of Zulia. This University is one of the most important universities in Venezuela and fortunately she got this important position. It didn’t take long before she won the higher positions like Chief of Physics Department and Leader in Research & Development team. While this was a great honor, she wanted to continue to grow her career. In 2012, being mom of two kids, she started her Doctorate studies in Engineering. She was able to achieve this important degree in 2016 that was specifically in Food Science and Technology.
Molero was the leader of one of the most important research projects in the University from which the first probiotic fermented beverage based of whey in Venezuela was created and that authorship belongs to her. She has written many scientific research articles in international journals and has a scientific book published by an international publisher.
During her life, she has taken advantage of her positions by getting the most out of each experience. Monica has participated in Social Responsibility Teams, where she has had the opportunity to help others with respect and kindness. This has enhanced every place where she has been by strengthening the work in team, leadership and commitment in the human being growth.
During her professional path, Molero has gained the respect from her coworkers by developing the ability to communicate at all levels of an institution. Her mission is to continue promoting companies´ goals through her constant drive, outstanding professional skills and desire to always excel.. She and her family now live in Houston.


Universidad del Zulia
Zulia, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
Chemical Engineering
To 2016

Business School
To 2005

Universidad Rafael Urdaneta
Maracaibo, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
Chemical Engineering
To 1998


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