Mr Sarangapani Hazarika

Sarangapani Hazarika




I am an undergraduate chemical engineering student currently in my 3rd year .. 
I would like to get updated about the recent happenings in the field of chemical engineering.
I would like to work on new reserch fields and it is my interest . I would happily accept any opportunity that I will receive.
I am interested towards research in chemical engineering fields and I had done a project on "Extraction of Caffeine from tea waste" under the guidance of Dr Bipul Das,Senior scientist CSIR-NEIST during my summer research internship in 2019.


Bineswar Brahma engineering college
Chemical Engineering
To 2021


  • AIChE International Student Member
  • Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division
  • Chemical Engineering and the Law Forum
  • Computational Molecular Science and Engineering Forum
  • Computing & Systems Technology Division
  • Food, Pharmaceutical, & Bioengineering Division
  • Fuels & Petrochemicals Division
  • International Metabolic Engineering Society (IMES)
  • International Society for Water Solutions (ISWS)
  • Materials Engineering & Sciences Division
  • Nanoscale Science & Engineering Forum
  • Nuclear Engineering Division
  • Particle Technology Forum
  • Process Development Division
  • Separations Division
  • Sustainability Engineering Forum
  • Transport & Energy Processes Division

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