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John W. Weidner is Department Chair and Campaign for Excellence Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of South Carolina (USC).  He received his BS degree in chemical engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1986 and his PhD in chemical engineering from NC State University under the direction of Dr. Peter S. Fedkiw in 1991.  In the summer of 1992, Professor Weidner received a NASA Summer Faculty Fellowship to work on nickel batteries with Gerald Halpert at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA. In 1999, he spent the fall semester on sabbatical working with Professor John Newman at the University of California, Berkeley on the analysis of the nickel hydroxide active material.  The following spring he worked with Dr. Tom Zawodzinski at Los Alamos National Laboratory on fuel cells.  Dr. Weidner spent his second sabbatical in 2007-08 at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy in Freiburg, Germany with Dr. Christopher Hebling working on fuel cells and solar-hydrogen production.  Professor Weidner has published over 110 refereed journal articles in the field of electrochemical engineering.  His research group has created novel synthesis routines for battery materials and electrocatalysts, and they have used a variety of electroanalytical techniques and developed sophisticated mathematical models to advance the fields of advanced batteries, electrochemical capacitors, fuel cells, and electrolyzers. In 2008 he received the Energy Research Award from the E.ON International Research Initiative for his work on solar-hydrogen production, and in 2010 he received the Research Award from the Energy Technology Division of ECS for his work on his patented PEM electrolyzer for the large-scale production of hydrogen from gaseous SO2 as part of the hybrid sulfur process.  Also in 2010 he received the Research Achievement Award from the College of Engineering and Computing at USC, and he was elected Fellow of ECS.  Professor Weidner received the Educational Foundation Award for Research in Science, Mathematics and Engineering from USC 2013, and the Breakthrough in Leadership Award in 2017.  He is also a Program Evaluator for ABET, representing AIChE.  


North Carolina State University
Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Chemical Engineering
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University of Wisconsin-Madison
Chemical Engineering
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