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30 years of experience in: Strategic Planning || Plant Operations Management || P&L Management

Core Competencies



Strategic Planning/Leadership

Plant Operations & Management

Crisis Management/Statutory Compliance

Project Management

Budgeting/Cost Optimization

Technology Transfer/P&L Management

Process Enhancement/Operational Excellence

Quality Assurance/Safety Management

People Management

Professional Affiliation


Senior Member- American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChe)

Success with hard work & dedication and leaving a mark of excellence on each step; targeting for senior level assignments in Plant Operations with a leading organization of repute

Profile Summary

·         Expertise in planning strategy, process, equipment & capacity and implementing production / process control, cost management & quality initiatives to ensure top & bottom line profitability.

·         Increased production, assets capacity and flexibility while minimizing unnecessary costs & maintaining current quality standards and attaining production targets

·         Displayed significant efforts in addressing critical challenges head-on, strengthening workforce and accelerating performance at challenged operations

·         Exhibited a strong and firm approach to sustain and encourage safe work environments and capabilities to streamline operations; applied continuous improvement to increase process & maintenance efficiency and company profits; familiar with ammonia plant material and energy balance and process engineering calculations

·         Designed comprehensive organizational-level strategy for managing operations involving, streamlining processes to facilitate smooth workflow & enhance productivity

·         An enterprising leader with proven decision-making/problem-solving, organizational, consultative and collaboration skills; possess capability of recognizing opportunities that translate to bottom line improvement

Professional Experience


02’18 – 03'2020 with Indo German Petrochemicals Limited, Navi Mumbai as Head Plant Operations


Key Result Areas:


·         Managing and Continuous Improvement in Operations of Phthalic Anhydride plants(3 no’s), Maleic              Anhydride plants(3 no’s), Benzoic Acid plant including all off sites facilities of Instrument Air plants,            Nitrogen plants, Cooling towers, DM plants and ETP.

          Approving standard operating Procedures, Ensuring Process Safety Developments and Implement              Operation strategies, Establishing targets for the team to match corporate goals

·         Making plans for day-to-day operations, production schedules, implementing quality tools and                    allocating work for achieving of monthly production targets

·         Approving continuous improvements in processes and implementing new process concepts for                  production optimization & yield improvement

·         Monitoring / tracking projects with respect to budgeted cost, demand forecasts, time overruns to              ensure timely execution of projects

·         Minimizing performance bottlenecks for achieving high productivity with minimum consumption of              raw material

·         Formulating new process concepts for production optimization and process improvement

·         Developing and implementing measures for energy conservation, identifying opportunities,                        analyzing data, conducting tests, cost management and post audits operations

·         Interacting with customers for understanding their technical requirements, product application and            coordinating with the internal departments to improve product quality and reliability

·         Implementing basic systems for plant operations on IT platform and driving various operational                  improvement projects to cost reduction in manufacturing and improving operational efficiencies

·         Performing activities like internal audits, root cause analysis, troubleshooting and reviews to                      ensure  adherence to highest standards

·         Imparting continuous on job training for accomplishing greater operational efficiency

·         Managing planned turnarounds of all Phthalic Anhydride Plants, including catalyst replacements.

·         Worked as G.M Production, from 06.02.19 to 28.07.2019. At present, working as Head Plant                      Operations, since July 29.07.2019.


Previous Experience


09’89-01’18 with M/s. Nagarjuna Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd. (NFCL), Kakinada as General Manager Projects

Growth Path:

Projects Managed:

·         2 Nos. of Large Capacity Urea Plants with 5 lac MTPA Capacity each

·         Carbon Dioxide Recovery Plant (From flue gases of Primary reformer stack )with1.5 lac MTPA Capacity.

·         Increased Production Capacity of 2 nos. Ammonia Plants each by around 25%.

·         Increased Production Capacity of 2 nos. Urea Plants each by around 25%.

·         Commissioning & GTR of NFL-Nangal Urea Plantseach by around 30%.

·         New Ammonia Converter Installation, Catalyst Loading, Commissioning & Operation of (S-300) of 1350 MTPD capacity.




General Manager:

·         Spearheaded “Energy Reduction Project” from 5.6 G.Cals  to 5.41 G.cals/MT of Urea at NFCL.

·         Conducted the following feasibility studies: 

o    For capacity enhancement Project study of Ammonia Plants with M/s. KBR for implementation of Brown Purifier at NFCL. For studying of Brown Purifier, NFL NANGAL Plant was visited.

o    Complex energy reduction to approximately 5.3 G. Cals/ MT of Urea and ~15% increase in capacity withM/s. HaldorTopsoe+M/s SAIPEM, M/s KBR+M/s. Stamicarbon combinations.

o    To enhance complex production to ~ 6.5 Lakh MT/annum and reduce energy to ~5.04 G. Cals/MT of Urea with M/s. CASALE technology.

o    New stream of Ammonia and Urea of KBR Ammonia (2200 MTPD Capacity) & SAIPEM Urea (3860 MTPD Capacity)

·         Written and published total 12 numbers of articles / papers (about plant performance improvement, commissioning of Ammonia & Urea Plants) in international and national magazines.

·         Spearheaded detail engineering, installation and commissioning of Ammonia & Urea plants revamping. Installed and commissioned of Carbon Di Oxide Removal Plant (CDR). Revamp of Ammonia & Urea Plants completed within scheduled period of 24 months, CDR project completed 2.5 months in advance of scheduled time and GTR was successful

·         Coordinated between M/s PDIL & Vendors, conducted intermediate inspections, undertaken final testing, transportation, erection, piping, instrumentation, electrical activities & commissioning

·         Delivered presentations to Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board for pollution clearance

·         Visited M/s HaldorTopsoe,  Denmark office with a aim to implement HTER- HaldorTopsoe Exchanger Reformer Scheme to increase ammonia plant capacity from 1325 MTPD to 1400 MTPD (2010)



Deputy General Manager


·         Contributed in elevating overall production capacity by around 2 lakh MT of Urea for the complex

·         BaggedAppreciation Letter & Cash Award from the Director & COO for successful project implementation in 2009

·         Implemented many modifications in Ammonia and Urea Plants viz., Enhanced production capacity in CO2 removal section (GV)etc, steered efforts in increasing Urea plants with installation of MP, LP & NH3 Condensers, Dist. OVHD Condenser, additional Vacuum System.

·         Installed and commissioned customize fertilizer unit


Head of the Department (HOD)

·         Achieved production, energy, safety and environment targets of Ammonia Plant -1 and Urea Plant-1.

·         Improved installation of new ammonia converter (S-300) which included detail engineering, erection, catalyst loading, commissioning and GTR. Managed parallel operation of S300+ S200, which  had resulted in savings of 30,000 G. Cals/annum (2007-2008)

·         Successfully managed planned turnarounds of Ammonia plant & Urea plant.


Senior Manager – Ammonia Production

·         Implemented replacement of combustion air pre-heater and primary reformer burner tip cones and improved overall performance of furnace

·         Modified process air coil in primary reformer convection zone, Replaced tubes in final gas cooler, NH3 wash section condenser & installed higher capacity new synthesis loop water cooler

·         Received appreciation letter for Superior Performance (2004-05).

·         Managed planned turnarounds of Ammonia Plant


Manager- Production/ Section Head(Urea Plant-1) 

·         Achieved production target, reduced ammonia losses, improved product quality, modified major H.P loop equipment and surpassed production and energy targets

·         Took part in “Energy Efficiency Study” for Europian Ammonia &Urea plants

·         Deputed on behalf of M/s UREA CASALE as Commissioning Engineer, performed troubleshooting and successfully commissioning.

·         Managed planned turnarounds of Urea plants


Assistant Manager/Dy.Manager-Production

·         Attained production target, energy, safety & environment parameters and managed planned turnarounds of urea plants

·         Commissioned Urea Plant II of 1725 MTPD capacity.


Shift In-charge- Urea Plant – I/Assistant Shift In-charge of Urea Plant

·         Contributed in Basic Engineering, Detail Engineering, Erection & Commissioning of Urea plant- II of 1725 MTPD capacity (Technology Supplier: SnamProgetti)

·         Handled shift activities of running the plant at full capacity, maintaining safety and environmental parameters,  start up and shut down activities.

·         Installed M/s.CASALE trays in Urea Reactor.



·         Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering from Andhra University with 70.9%.

Personal Details


Date of Birth: 8th February 1965 || Languages Known: English, Hindi and Telugu. || Passport: K 7117213 || Address:Door No. 67-11-2/14A, L. B. Nagar, Road No. 9, Kakinada- 533003, Andhra Pradesh || Present Address: B603, Regency Crest, sector -19, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai -410210.




Andhra University
Chemical Engineering
1984 To 1988


  • AIChE Senior Member
  • Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division
  • Fuels & Petrochemicals Division
  • Virtual Local Section

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