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Sept. 2013- Present:Technology Services Incorporated, Wildwood, MOPresident     
 Responsibilities include:
-Developing creative cost effective and quick ROI 
  solutions and implement these technologies for the Pharma and Biotech 
  business areas such as Drug making, Fermentation, Deoxygenation,
  Lyophilization, carbon foot print reduction.
-Implement industrial gases related technologies for industries such as
  Environmental, Chemical, Metal, Steel, and more for optimization and 
  efficiency improvements. Technically support number of other
  manufacturing industries and utilize my expertise. 

Jan 2007- August 2013   Air Liquide America, Houston, Texas;  
                                           Technology Manager- Biotech and Pharma
   Responsibilities included:
   - Develop and manage new business areas from conception to
   -Interface with Engineers and managers globally to develop and implement
    new and sound technologies worldwide in biotech & pharma
   -Invent and/or develop solutions for problems related to fermentation
     technologies in biotech, pharmaceutical and bio-fuel industries. Develop 
    new  ideas for the industry that offer niche markets for Air Liquide in  
    Pharma and Biotech area.
   -Supporting sales team in growing the market share for Air Liquide 
     business in US in the pharma area.
   -Controlling budget, managing and coordinating implementation of   
   -Providing guideline and training the Engineers and managers globally to 
    develop and implement new and sound technologies.
   -Designing and construction of experimental equipment, lab data 
    acquisition and interpret these data based on theoretical analysis and
    physical intuition.  
  -Supporting and providing training to the Global team of Engineers in the
   Biotech & pharma area to grow worldwide. This includes ALATUS, SEPPIC,
  -Work closely with Air Liquide affiliates to offer technological solutions in
   API mfg., formulation in drug making and pilot system solutions to the
   Pharma and Biotech clients.
  -Offer Greener solutions to reduce the carbon foot print in Pharma area.

Jan 2005-Jan 2007         American Air Liquide, CRC, Countryside, ILLINOIS;
SPECIAL PROJECTS MANAGER – Chicago Research Center
   Responsibilities in Bio Resources Group include: 
  -Inventing and/or developing Fermentation related technologies for the
   Biotech and Pharma market
 -Developing new ideas for the technologies issues in a variety of industries.
 -Controlling budget and managing and coordinating R & D projects
 -Interface with Engineers and managers globally to develop and implement
  new and sound technologies.
 -Designing and construction of experimental equipment, lab data
  acquisition and interpreting these data based on theoretical analysis and
  physical intuition.

March 1984-Jan 2005     M.G. Industries (MESSER GROUP), Malvern
                 Technology Group
. (Environmental & Oxygen Applic,, Cryogenics
    Duties included:
- Controlling budget, inventory, managing assets, managing R & D projects.
- Global R & D manager ;  - Global Team Leader for the Pulp & Paper Team.
- Develop and direct new business areas from conception to
- Interface with Engineers and managers globally to develop and implement
  new and sound technologies.
 - Invent and/or develop solutions for problems related to chemical
   processes including conception of new viable routes to enhance industrial
   gases use in various areas such as in Petrochemical, Petroleum refining,
  Pulp & Paper, Metals, Environmental, Food Freezing, Food Packaging, Heat
  Treating industries.
 - Held various positions with increasing management and technical
   responsibilities in MG Industries organization:
    Senior Group Manager –(2002-2004); 
    Director of Technology – (1998-2001) For a group of 20 professional 
      Engineers responsible for company’s $52 million dollars contribution in
      technical sales. Consistently improved the marginal contribution of the 
      department putting the technical group above the industry standard.   
      Controlled $ 3 million budget, managed assets, R & D projects, reduced
      the  department inventory more than 60% from the previous 
      management. Led Global team of Engineers in a specific technology.
    Global Team Leader - Pulp & Paper Tech. (1998 - 2003);
    Manager - Chemicals/Oxygen (1995- 1998); 
    R & D Department Head (1992- 1995);  
    Manager of Oxygen & Chemicals Group (1988-1992);
    Senior Project Engineer (1986-1988);
    Applications Engineer (1984-1986)

Nov. 1979-Feb 1984   Air Products & Chemicals Inc., Allentown,  
    Duties included: -Develop process premises, detailed design such as    
    -Process & Engineering Flow Diagrams including process control 
    -Process equipment specification, design and construction reviews, and
     detailed process description.
    - Develop process definition such as process selection, alternative   
    - Provide start-up assistance, and technical support. 
June 1977 -Nov 1977:  Exxon Company, USA., Linden, New Jersey;  
               CHEMICAL ENGINEER
                            Duties included: -Nov. 1979    - Design new equipment and modify existing systems including Process Control Schemes to automate or optimize the operation for the capacity increase, quality improvement, and energy
                                                                               conservation.  - Troubleshooting and start up assistance. - An Energy coordinator for the FCC units, and the Process Water Unit.
May 1975-June 1977:    Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey; RESEARCH  ASSISTANT in the Chemical Engineering Department.
                             Duties included:-Design and construction of experimental equipment, lab data acquisition and interpreting these data based on theoretical analysis and physical intuition.   
Education :1990-1991 - Doctorate in Chemical Engineering (Ph.D.) degree, Kennedy-Western University. Completed all the Ph.D. course work in Chem. Engg. at Stevens Tech. and the Research work at K-W; 
                             THESIS  : SGR Processes ( Environmental Technology ).
                 1979-1982 - Master of Business Administration degree, Fairleigh Dickinson University. Majored in Marketing and Management with minor courses in international business.
                             RANK: Top 5% of the class. GPA 3.7/4.0. PROJECTS:  - Small Business Development, - Joint Ventures, - Matrix Management
                  1973-1975- Master of Engineering - CHEMICAL degree, Stevens Institute of Technology. Majored in Chemical Engineering with courses in process engineering & Polymer science.
                             RANK: Top 10% of the class. GPA 3.6/4.0. PROJECT:  - Economic evaluation and design of chemical processes including plastic plants.
                             SPECIAL GRADUATE PROGRAM OF STUDIES IN POLYMER PROCESSING Completed with the highest honors.
                 1968- 1973 - Bachelor of Engineering - CHEMICAL degree, Nadiad Institute of Technology. Majored in Chemical Engineering with  courses in Petroleum Refining, Petrochemical, and Fertilizer.
Activities:  - Past Chairman of Philadelphia Section of American Powder Metallurgy Institute.
                     - Director & Host of a Music Program broadcast from WMUH radio station, Allentown, PA.
                     - Member of American Institute of Chemical Society. - Member of American Ceramic Society. - Member of American Society of Metals. - Member of Lehigh Valley Community Broadcasters Association.
                     - Past President of Bal-Vihar (Children School) in Lehigh Valley, Pa. - Founder and President of Bal-Vihar in St. Louis, MO. - Director and Host of Music of India from KDHX, St. Louis, MO.
                     - Past President of EXXON Volley ball league. - Member of ISPE, AAPS
Achievement: - In 2010 recognized and awarded title of  “Air Liquide International Expert in G/L transfer. This is widely applicable in the Pharma and Biotech area”
                     - Selected as one of the judges representing US for the Innovation award sponsored by Messer worldwide on Messer's centennial celebration.(1998- 2001) 
                     - Received the 'Best ATG Sales Support Award for 1997' on 3/21/98. - Received the `International technology Award' from Messer GmbH on April 22, 997.
            -Hold patents for the following processes & Technologies: -¨System for producing regulated atmosphere for high temperature applications, -Method for Sterilizing Gas Recovery
            .           ¨SGR-H Recoveries for the hospital industry, -Ultrapure low flow rate nitrogen using Reactor Cooler Dryer (RCD) technology, -Glass Spheroidization using oxyfuel, -AFP burner technology for the environmental industry.
                        -Non cryogenic method and apparatus for producing pure nitrogen, -System and method for operating pulp cellulose pulp mills. -System and Method for refining sugar, -Method of oxygenation of waste water.
                        -System and method of oxygenating waste water, -Eff-Oxy system for waste water plants. -¨Liquid Nitrogen injection into cans and plastic bottles, -Injecting liquid nitrogen into beverage cans
                        -Oxygen in fermentation processes. -Regeneration of adsorption beds using heated nitrogen, -Lyophilization unit with nitrogen cooling. -Fermentation with liquid nitrogen cooling, -Deoxygenation Technologies (Applied for)
                        -Use of Air pad in fermentation (Applied for)  Several Patent Applications published and more ID submitted for filing:
            - Written several articles for technical journals including: "Are Thermal Relief Valves Needed?" published by Chemical Engineering magazine on May 14, 1984.
                        -Oxygen- An Important Chemical for the Clay Industry" published by Ceramic Bulletin magazine (American Ceramic Society) in February 1990.
                        - Contributed to Cryogas international and waste water magazines.
                        - Developed and commercialized several application in the pharma and biotech market and maintained portfolio of $10mm per year. By replacing lost business. Used unique concepts and promoted patented technologies in
                           fermentation, cell culture, Lyo units, Deoxygenation area, environmental area and more. - Developed and commercialized O2 applications for the Pulp & Paper industry.
                        -Responsible for the portfolio growth from 6 mills to 15 mills in 4 years, and worldwide 37 mills. Led the international team of Engineers for this industry.
                        - Developed and commercialized 02 applications for the clay industry for MG. - Responsible for MG Industry' s market share in the clay industry from $0 in1985 to $6 Mil in 1987, Pulp & Paper market
                           from $2 mm to $4 mm from 1995 to 1997. - Developed and commercialized a Sterilizing Gas Recovery (SGR) process  worldwide for MG Industries.
                        - Awarded appreciation letter for excellent trouble shooting and improvement of the product system which derived $10 million profit in sales of EXXON Chemical during 1978.    
                        - Top performer for the Applied Technology Group of MG Industries for the year 1990., 1992, 1994, 1996, 1998,2002, 2003
                        - Top group award for the year 1992, 2002,2003.
                        - Successfully managed and developed Oxygen/Chemicals group that received top group performance award for 1992.
                        -Recognized as a distinguished contributor in the industry by Marquis and  included autobiography in the 1994-1995 editions of - Who is Who in America  in Finance & Industry, Who is Who in Science & Technology,
                          1995-1996,  996 – 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007,  2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and Who is Who in the world for the  year 1994- 1995



Kennedy-Western University
Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States
Chemical Engineering
To 1991

Fairleigh Dickinson Univerity-Florham
Madison, New Jersey, United States
Business School
To 1982

Stevens Institute of Technology
Hoboken, New Jersey, United States
Chemical Engineering
To 1975

Nadiad Institute of Technology
Chemical Engineering
To 1973


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