Mr Ekpenyong Eyo Ekpenyong

Ekpenyong Ekpenyong




Industrious, conscientious and ardent final year student of Chemical/petrochemical Engineering, with extensive skills in undertaking a range of process engineering deliverables.

Having developed process design spreadsheets for the sizing and specification of process lines, pumps, control valves, separators, PSVs, I am keen to pursue a career in this area (process engineering design), ensuring timely and safe delivery of engineering projects.

I Posses proven leadership skills, having led several group projects in school, proven academic and curricular achievements, having secured several academic awards and two undergraduate scholarships.

Skilled in undertaking several process engineering deliverables including;
• Pressure drop calculation and sizing of process lines (single phase and two phase)

• Design and sizing of liquid control valves for precise control of flow in process lines.

• Design and sizing of pumps and pumping system, including development and analysis of pump envelopes.

• Steady state & transient simulation of chemical processes using Aspen Hysys.

Particularly good with the use of excel spreadsheet in carrying out these process designs and calculations together with good technical report writing skill. Prepared several excel spreadsheets with advanced formulas for each of the above stated deliverable, while documenting the design procedures with MS-Word.

Conversant with several engineering codes and standard including API 14E, 520 & 521, 12J, ASME B36.10, ANSI/ISA S75.01.01, Chevron ES (Engineering Standard), Shell DEP (Design and Engineering Practice), etc, and their application during engineering design and calculations.

My interests are in Fuel, Energy and Power, hoping to contribute my own quota to solving the world's major energy challenges.


Rivers State University of Science and Technology
Chemical Engineering
To 2020


  • AIChE International Student Member
  • Chemical Engineering and the Law Forum
  • Food, Pharmaceutical, & Bioengineering Division
  • Fuels & Petrochemicals Division
  • Institute for Sustainability
  • International Society for Water Solutions (ISWS)
  • Process Development Division
  • SBE Member
  • Separations Division
  • Transport & Energy Processes Division

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