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  • Posted in: Student Central

    Hello Karan, how are you? I'm going well, thanks for asking. I hope you're doing great too. Unfortunately, I don't have any kind of experience on this topic. But one thing that always like to do is having ...

  • Posted in: Student Central

    Hello everyone! I hope all of you are healthy and keeping fine! I'm going to work on the topic "Absorptive Removal of CO2 in a packed bed" for my final year B.Tech. project. Could you please suggest ...

  • Posted in: Student Central

    I'm more than glad to help! Indeed, the goal is to create a welcoming and friendly community, with a strong collaborative spirit. Best regards, ------------------------------ Bruno Neves Student Chapter ...

  • Posted in: Student Central

    Hey Chamuditha, how are you? I hope you're well. I always like to base my answer on theoretical books/articles. So, I searched for a few books that may help you on your assignment: Design of Vessel ...


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