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    Hey everyone, I wonder if there are some online platforms or websites where one can perform a guided project. My primary interests include  zinc oxide and titanium dioxide photocatalyst using carbon nanotubes ...

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    It depends on the facility, but I've seen people retain the most information in concise, pragmatic 1-2 page documents that can be posted on bulletin boards and in bathroom stalls as "potty talks."  They ...

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    "Steve - Not sure what you mean by "testing in April was not prospective", " In April, there was not enough testing capability to prospectively test people with no symptoms. With very few exceptions ...

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    RE: Hydrogen peroxide

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    Concentrations of hydrogen peroxide from 6% to 25% show promise as chemical sterilants. The product marketed as a sterilant is a premixed, ready-to-use chemical that contains 7.5% hydrogen peroxide and ...


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