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    Sure, there are other books like Lewis, Radasch Williams & Johnson. There's an excellent book from India by Bhatt & Vita as well. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android ------Original Message------ Hashim, ...

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    RE: Material Balance

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    Hashim, My first chemical engineering course (a sophomore course in 1947) used a McGraw-Hill Chemical Engineering Series text entitled "Industrial Stoichiometry" by Warren K. Lewis and Arthur H. Radasch.  ...

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    Gypsum powder is mainly used in building materials such as drywall and added to cement and paints used in building construction and finishing, but it is also useful in agriculture as a soil fertilizer ...

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    In the northeast US, gypsum boards are used for walls, I'm not sure about powder. Is that what you see it used for, or for other, nonconstruction, use? ------Original Message------ Hello everyone My ...


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