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    While searching for a new employee, different employers look for different things. But they are all trying to answer one overarching question: What value will this individual add to my organization? As ...

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    Hi Nishchal, how are you? I hope you and your family are safe! I must congratulate the subject you chose to work with. I think it's really innovative and it's the future! I think it would be awesome if ...

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    Dear Mr.Haider Ali The filtration is used to separate solids from liquid after mixing sulfuric acid in raw material wherein phosphoric acid is filtrate and solid is disposed. It is carried in very long ...

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    RE: Virtual Internship

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    Weldone such an informative post especially for newbies. ------------------------------ Saad Asif BS Chemical Engineer Trainee Engineer Immusco Lahore,Pakistan ------------------------------


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