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New Approaches to the Design of Automatic Diagnostic Systems and Math Algorithms of Breast Cancer 

16 days ago

The present study aimed to investigate the design of a computer-assisted pathology system for diagnosis and clustering of cancerous lesions in magnetic resonance imaging of breast, using computer code in MATLAB software. In the analysis of breast segmentation by Atlas method, mass tumors 4 and nonmass tumors 5 are identified and segmented. Characteristics of the morphology, kinetics and matrix of the gray level co- occurrence of the tumors are extracted. In this study, a new feature called “dual-tree complex wavelet transform (DTCWT" was extracted and five characteristics associated with this type of property were extracted. After extracting these properties, the feature vectors were assigned to the clustering with different kernels and the combined clustering, which combine the linear discriminant analysis method and the nearest neighbor, and clustering of the tumors was performed into two benign and malignant categories. Using the new feature introduced in this study and applying it to the SVM cluster, AZ values for mass tumors, non-mass tumors and their combination were 0.71, 0.77 and 0.70, respectively, and by applying it to the combined cluster s LDA and NN-k were 0.70, 0.44 and 0.69, respectively. Also, in the Atlas-based segmentation, the FCM cluster was used for them first time. The use of this cluster caused that there is no empty cluster and the accuracy of the results would increase. In the feature extraction section, the feature of dual-tree complex wavelet transform (CWT-DT) was applied for the first time in magnetic resonance images of the breast and on mass and non-mass tumors and a combination of them was applied. Detection and extraction of non-mass tumors is the main challenge of this study, and applying the proposed feature group of non-mass tumors created an acceptable result, and the value of AZ increased compared to previous studies.

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