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Bulk Filling Losses Reduction topics in trucks for cryogenic liquids in horizontal tanks 

28 days ago

Abstract– In this paper was studied different process variables in the cryogenic liquids filling in trucks with the intention to avoid wasted product caused by a high flow rate of the purge valve to depressurize the vehicle tank during the cryogenic liquid filling process. The analyzed variables were a bad filling operation mainly venting open valves for the trucks, possible lack of maintenance by the trucks and the initial filling pressure for the truck as well as the quantity of product loaded. The study begins by solving initial problems that prevent having a correct quantification of the losses which is the bad dimensioning of the tank levels due to an inconsistency in the density and conditions of liquid content. The results for this work was an increase on the reliability in the measurement of the levels in horizontal cryogenic tanks of two plants producing cryogenic liquids, the reduction of 50% of the losses in the transfer of liquid argon in a cryogenic plant as well the
complete reduction of liquid , nitrogen and liquid oxygen wasted (30 tons / month for each product) which brings about the disappearance of dangerous atmospheres for operators and people on site due to excessive venting of the purge valve on the truck during its transfer. After different statistical analysis, was concluded with 95% certainty that the amount of cryogenic liquid loaded is a significant variable in the waste of the loading process. Keywords-- Cryogenic liquid, Road tanker filling, NPSH, Horizontal tanks, DMAIC methodology.

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