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Vapor Liquid Separator
9 3 hours ago by Timothy Nordahl
Original post by Han Li
The Direction of the Chemical Engineering Field: Thoughts or Concerns?
3 8 hours ago by Richard Drazich
Original post by Ahmed Youssef
Chrome electro-plating Consultant
5 16 hours ago by William Hedley
Original post by Alan Horst
Dealing with the "Perptually-Connected" World
2 yesterday by Karl Schnelle
Original post by Dawud Tan
Introduce Yourself!
121 yesterday by Ashwin Raghavan
Original post by Monica Mellinger
Adsorbent bed design
0 2 days ago by Tra-My Richardson
In-Situ Measurement of Membrane Morphology
0 4 days ago by Jimoh Kayode Adewole
Big data and Process Safety
5 6 days ago by Karthikeyan Balan
PAIC Climate Task Force: General Approaches  
49 7 days ago by Monica Mellinger
Original post by Thomas Rehm
Broadcasting our Field's Contributions to the Public
6 7 days ago by Preeti Sharma
Original post by Owen Jappen
The greatest chemical engineering discovery ever made
32 9 days ago by Han Li
Original post by Robert Bly
peroxides at the Arkema plant in Crosby
26 11 days ago by Kirsten Rosselot
Best way to access current production estimates & price of bulk chemicals?
9 11 days ago by Victor Sower
Original post by Margot Vigeant
A sign of the times for the USA and our HAZMAT Facility Siting?
1 13 days ago by John Rudesill
Original post by Bryan Haywood
Definition of batch and continuous processes
5 14 days ago by Girish Malhotra
List of Process Deliverables in Pharmceutical project
2 14 days ago by David Smith
Original post by Tushar Poddar
A feeling of superiority
19 14 days ago by Lucky Landrigan
Original post by Robert Bly
peroxides at crosby,tx
0 14 days ago by John Lancaster
Blending honey
8 15 days ago by Joseph Porcelli
Original post by Mark Keown
Best Approach in Networking with AIChE Members?
2 18 days ago by Gregory Frank
Original post by Rebekah Scheuerle
Increased time between plant turnarounds and Process Safety
9 18 days ago by Karthikeyan Balan
Climate Change Open Discussion
44 19 days ago by Kirsten Rosselot
Original post by Thomas Rehm
Hotel sharing
0 19 days ago by Khalid Rashid
Marketing to engineers
0 20 days ago by Robert Bly
Pharmaceutical manufacturing (API and their formulations)
3 20 days ago by Girish Malhotra
Communication of PHA study
2 21 days ago by Martin Timm
Original post by Robert Downes
Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams: Fun ​challenge or worst headache ever? 13 25 days ago by Ismail Abudoros
Original post by Richard Byrnes
What do you think of the term "best practice?"
16 25 days ago by John O'Connell
Original post by Richard Byrnes
Hurricane Harvey - How do you handle 4 inch ran an hour etc. ?
0 26 days ago by Leonard Andersen
How Best to Speak up in Meetings?
5 26 days ago by Jack Hipple
Original post by Loraine Kasprzak
The Potential of Nanotechnology
1 26 days ago by Solomon Isu
Original post by Francesca Mirri
Process Intensification in the Chemical Process Industries (PI)
1 29 days ago by Santanu Talukdar
Original post by Vishwas Pangarkar
Why should I renew my AIChE membership?
7 one month ago by Ryan Andress
High temperature fluidized bed reactor
16 one month ago by Ismail Abudoros
Original post by Tal Domany
Clean Nuclear Power for the 21st Century and Fuel Cycle
1 one month ago by Gary Hilberg
Original post by Ara Barsamian
Is coal Gasification dead in US with Kemper Co Miss. failure?
27 one month ago by Timothy Nordahl
Original post by Richard Strait
State of Chemical Engineering & Employment 9 one month ago by Mohammed Dellil
Original post by Michelle Bryner
Lean Manufacturing - Focus Improvement Pillar Bench Marking
1 one month ago by Laron Burrows
Original post by Louis Felice
Agitator specifications
3 one month ago by Vishwas Pangarkar
Original post by Yesaswini Katragadda
Quick Cost Estimation S&T Hex
0 one month ago by Mahadevan Venkiteswaran
Suggestions needed on Slurry Handling
5 one month ago by Jerrod Hohman
Original post by Arnab Chakrabarty
1 one month ago by Chris Lancaster
Original post by Jonnathan Morales
Looking for ChE demonstration activity ideas
13 one month ago by Jack Hipple
Original post by Peter Kabatek
Engage Tips and Tricks  
2 one month ago by Monica Mellinger
need leads on modeling software
4 one month ago by Arnab Chakrabarty
Original post by Scott Kelly
Why Should Chemical Engineers (in particular) take the PE Exam?
95 2 months ago by Joseph Cramer
Original post by Robert Bugiada
How to stay organized at work as a new parent?
3 2 months ago by Emily Frangenberg
How do you cope with stress?
15 2 months ago by Marc Clithero
Original post by Loraine Kasprzak
Operational Savings
2 2 months ago by Jimmy Kumana
Original post by Diana Delgado
Looking for vintage process safety poster
5 2 months ago by David Levings
Original post by Meg Reese