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High temperature fluidized bed reactor
12 an hour ago by Alan Keiter
Looking for ChE demonstration activity ideas
13 2 hours ago by Jack Hipple
Suggestions needed on Slurry Handling
1 2 hours ago by Harold Reed
0 4 hours ago by Jonnathan Morales
Engage Tips and Tricks  
2 21 hours ago by Monica Mellinger
What do you think of the term "best practice?"
14 yesterday by Kiven Kiersey
need leads on modeling software
4 yesterday by Arnab Chakrabarty
Why Should Chemical Engineers (in particular) take the PE Exam?
95 11 days ago by Joseph Cramer
State of Chemical Engineering & Employment 4 14 days ago by Kevin Pinto
How to stay organized at work as a new parent?
3 14 days ago by Emily Frangenberg
Introduce Yourself!
119 14 days ago by Samvith Rao
The greatest chemical engineering discovery ever made
25 15 days ago by Douglas Douthitt
How do you cope with stress?
15 17 days ago by Marc Clithero
Operational Savings
2 18 days ago by Jimmy Kumana
Looking for vintage process safety poster
5 19 days ago by David Levings
Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality and ChemE Design/Ops/Management
5 19 days ago by Seifullah Bello
A feeling of superiority
16 20 days ago by Stephen Brecht
Safety Training for Undergraduate ChemE's
12 21 days ago by Susan Montgomery
High school grad wants to speak with a Chem E in the pharma industry.
3 25 days ago by James Dietz
[Comic] Busywork
0 28 days ago by Richard Byrnes
Refinery 4.0
3 29 days ago by Lluvia Ochoa Estopier
Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams: Fun ​challenge or worst headache ever? 12 one month ago by Joseph Barry
2017 AICHE Salary Survey 4 one month ago by Ronald Shewchuk
Chemical Engineers' Retirement Plans
0 one month ago by Michelle Bryner
What would you like to ask CCPS Executive Director Shakeel Kadri about Process Safety Leadership and CCPS?
3 one month ago by Shakeel Kadri
Continuous manufacturing
7 one month ago by Girish Malhotra
[Comic] Management Strategy & Engineering - Ever a disconnect? 1 one month ago by Amanda Scalza
Design of an Adsorption column to remove water vapour from hydrogen
7 one month ago by Richard Rice
Modeling/Designing an Extract Cooler
4 one month ago by Sahil Azeez
Boil's Laws Comic - How Seriously Do You Take Personal Protective Equipment? 4 one month ago by Richard Byrnes
Which habits hurt our productivity? 8 one month ago by Ifeoma Joseph
design of experiment (DOE) references? 16 one month ago by Ronald Shewchuk
Industrial Boiler Explosion at Missouri
15 one month ago by John Rudesill
Networking – How important is it? Any tips? 9 one month ago by George Laryea
New Electrical Generation With Combine Cycle Gas Turbine – Does It Fit ?
3 one month ago by Gary Hilberg
Response to Climate Change Policy Post
4 one month ago by Cory Jensen
What topics would you like to see covered in CEP's Career Corner? 14 one month ago by Kiven Kiersey
PE Chemical Review Course
3 one month ago by Varagur Rajan
Climate change policy  
1 one month ago by John Vasko
reactor anti-explosive Design
4 one month ago by Kris Thorsteinsson
Dryer specifications for Wood chips dryer 10 one month ago by Georg Christensen
Mary Meerker's Internet Trends 2017 Report
0 one month ago by Nemoy Rau
Review Report Update
1 2 months ago by Steve Cutchen
Revised CSB Freedom Industries Report Still Leaves Unease
7 2 months ago by Stephen McGovern
Textbooks on flash drives 5 2 months ago by Zalman Zitron
lactic acid
0 2 months ago by Han Li
Which accounting software do engineering consultants use?
7 2 months ago by Gary Hilberg
continuous bench-scale solid-liquid separators?
7 2 months ago by Cory Jensen
Data Science and Analytics for Chemical Engineering Student
0 2 months ago by Tushar Poddar
Advice for ChemE's looking for entry-level jobs
0 2 months ago by Julie Albert