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9 2 hours ago by Han Li
profile- Doing good, no matter the cost-cep-dec 2018
0 5 hours ago by Christopher Semonelli
Engage Tips and Tricks  
3 2 days ago by Monica Mellinger
Climate Change Myths
306 4 days ago by Victor Rice
Original post by Neil Yeoman
Industrial waste water treatment ph adjustment
11 4 days ago by John Maziuk
Original post by Zachary Beckman
Process Hazard Analysis Facilitator - Ask me anything!
23 4 days ago by Michael Saura
Analytics & Machine Learning at Plants
3 7 days ago by Michael Saura
Original post by Keerthan Vantakala
PDH Plant and Shale gas.
0 7 days ago by Tushar Poddar
Weak Acid Generation
3 8 days ago by Ismail Abudoros
Original post by Kombe Kakengela
Best and worst interview questions
4 8 days ago by Rob Schaerfl
Original post by Anna Shea
Promotion of Division Awards
2 8 days ago by Joseph Cramer
Original post by Robert Zeller
Professional advice for someone re-entering the profession
2 11 days ago by Joseph Bays
Original post by Marisa Pierce
Introduce Yourself!
142 12 days ago by Barbara Edwards
Original post by Monica Mellinger
Food industry
0 15 days ago by Juan Vergara
CRISPR Technologies
2 17 days ago by John Kreinbrink
Original post by Keith Joseph
Trouble Finding Work After Graduation
16 18 days ago by Chason Reynolds
STEM shortage?
4 21 days ago by Ronald Shewchuk
Original post by Noah Tracy
Catalytic condensation process reference
0 24 days ago by Latif Kusuma
Interested in work opportunites
1 27 days ago by Scott Clarke
Original post by Rohit Korde
3 29 days ago by Kristine Chin
Original post by Rohit Korde
design of flare system
5 one month ago by Sachin Mahajan
Original post by Lakkimsetty Rao
Climate Change = Tired of the Engage droning = Attend U of H Energy Symposia
3 one month ago by Somnath Basu
Original post by Richard Strait
Entrepreneurial Guidance
1 one month ago by Emmett Miller
Original post by Matt Walters
Separate Carbon Monoxide And Nitrogen
0 one month ago by Han Li
Moving to Mars
0 one month ago by Joshua Flader
Difference between chemical process engineer and a chemical operator
4 one month ago by Venkat Subramanian
Original post by Neville Mistry
Networking through AIChE
16 one month ago by Jason Lemoine
Original post by Scott Clarke
influence of different tool material on machining quality and cost
0 one month ago by Noah Tibasiima
Technical Support Engineer
4 one month ago by Peter Blaser
Original post by Alexander Slungaard
What are best practices for managing a diverse workforce?
2 one month ago by Loraine Kasprzak
What to do with your chemical engineering degree?
2 one month ago by John Ellington
Original post by Abdurezak Sciala
PID Controller - Graphical Sensitivity Analysis
0 one month ago by Sigifredo Nino
Recommendations for Low Volume Slurry Pumps
13 one month ago by Patrick Bush
Original post by Daniel Kuttenkuler
PE or not PE
29 one month ago by Ted Heron
Original post by Stuart Chan
Recommendations for pipe fitters in the Las Vegas NV area
1 one month ago by Dave Barlow
Alternative to job
1 one month ago by Jason Lemoine
Original post by Ejaz Sunasara
How Did You Choose The Industry You Work For?
10 one month ago by Joseph Alford
Original post by Yung Chi Daniel Cho
Mixing Cosmetic Cream with Oil
3 one month ago by Awajiogak Ujile
Original post by Ammar Badawi
Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae Products Available: whole dried larvae, defatted meal and pressed fat.
0 2 months ago by Patrick Bush
Water as a manufacturing process fluid
0 2 months ago by Venkat Subramanian
Deep Frying
1 2 months ago by Betsy Blair
Original post by Juan Vergara
Rising gasoline prices
3 2 months ago by Kendall Randolph
Original post by Rohit Korde
Operating Strategies to Optimize Ethylene Plants: Then and Now
1 2 months ago by Kirsten Rosselot
Original post by Charles Madigan
2 yesterday by Barry Juran
Original post by Rohit Korde
Writing Emails Others Will Love
17 2 months ago by Stephen Nelson
Original post by Cynthia Mascone
Are the Age-old Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Obsolete or They Need to be Replaced by New More "In-Fashion" Definitions?
8 2 months ago by Girish Malhotra
Brazil and AIChE Student Chapters
1 2 months ago by Emily Miksiewicz
Original post by Felipe Morais Bolner
Climate Change
2 2 months ago by John Rudesill
Original post by James MacElroy
Specialised Program
2 2 months ago by Danielle Binet
Original post by Ejaz Sunasara
Environmental Emergency plan
1 2 months ago by David Russell
Original post by Aljazi Alshareef