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1.  AICHE 2017 Conference

Posted 13 days ago
Hey friends, I'm an indian student willing to attend Annual AICHE conference 2017. I just want to know how many of you are attending it and if it is worth attending.

2.  RE: AICHE 2017 Conference

Posted 12 days ago
I am trying to attend and going for a travel grant through the essay competition. Similar to anything you do in life, it is worth it if you fully take full advantage of it.

Look at the events and workshops that are happening at this conference and maybe events that occurred previously. If you fully take advantage of them, use them to learn skills that can bulk your knowledge in topics of interest and use the events to network, they pay off. If there are no events of interest and only going for a single reason like attending the company fair, you may be disappointed. It is worth it if you enjoy the topics and there are things you can take home that can help improve the chemical engineering community in your area. As far as quality goes, many of the workshops have turned out well. It just depends on your interest.

Justin Pinca
BS Chemical Engineering '18
New Jersey Institute of Technology

3.  RE: AICHE 2017 Conference

Posted 11 days ago
Hi, my name is Mubarak, chemical engineering student from Guangdong university of Petrochemical technology. I'm planning to attend Insha-Allah and that's a good question you asked, I will also like to know some advantage of attending but at the same time I don't think  such international students conference will be organize without tangible advantage. I think some of the advantage is
1. You get to meet your fellow students
2.  You meet professionals in your area of study
3.  You will get to know how industrial work is different from school work from professionals in industry.
4. It's also an opportunity to make connections. Just to mention few.
This is just parts of the advantage of attending places like this, I advice if you want to attend, surely you will enjoy it. I will also like to read other advantage from other students or from the organization.
Hope to see you there...

Mubarak Azeez

4.  RE: AICHE 2017 Conference

Posted 11 days ago
Thank you so much. Your replies were indeed helpful. I have even paid the registration fee. Hope to see you guys there.

Yagya Gupta

5.  RE: AICHE 2017 Conference

Posted 7 days ago
Hi, my name is Jefferson Quiroz, i am from Colombia and i expect see you in Minneapolis this year.
I will make a presentation with our sister chapter and my chem e car team will be competing.

I think that another advantage is the cultural experience, because a lot of participants of different countries and differents ways to think, also students and proffesionals that are working in diverse areas of academy and industry, so you will have a great variety of options to learn.


Jefferson Quiroz Fabra