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Tips and advise for new students of ChEng

  • 1.  Tips and advise for new students of ChEng

    Posted 06-29-2020 07:07
    Good day everyone! I hope all of you are safe and healthy! My name is Vittal Kamath and I'm a freshman at Iowa State University. I've been in love with chemical and biological engineering ever since high school, and that makes me very excited to be a new member of AIChE.

    I have been searching the internet for how I could use this platform to further enhance my education as a Chemical Engineer, but it has turned out to be a bit unsuccessful. That is exactly why I'm resolving to this wonderful discussion space...

    I would love to know how I could use this membership to enhance my overall skills over these 4 years. I'm highly interested in research also, so could you all give me some advise on how I could use this platform to grow in this field as an undergraduate student?

    Undergraduate Student
    B.S. Chemical Engineering
    Iowa State University

  • 2.  RE: Tips and advise for new students of ChEng

    Posted 06-29-2020 09:47
    Hello Vittal, how are you? Thanks for the words, I'm doing great! What about you?

    First of all, I'd like to congratulate you for this achievement. I hope you have a wonderful time at university and you can develop and discover yourself a lot, many times. It's really cool to know that we have young students who are really interested in the area so soon! I'm pretty sure that with time you will understand more and more about the huge world AIChE is haha.

    Since you're already being very specific with your requests, I think you have a few options (and if you find more let me know). Definetely you could take a look at:

    I'd say these are some pretty good infos to know as a new member, with a desire to develop you academic skills. Nevertheless, keep in mind you have a huge community that can help you with any doubts you might have. The best thing? It's right here! Whenever you need help and you're stuck, don't hesitate to post here for help! Sometimes someone with an outside view will give that extra insight needed to solve the problem.

    It's really important to say that nowadays you can't be a really technical professional, with no soft skills. You won't be able to communicate well with your coworkers, nor with people in general. That's a huge problem because we live in a conected world. Not only with internet, but with networking as well. So I definetely recommend you study this matter as well, because it will will certainly help you in many aspects of your life, both professional and personal. I posted a few weeks ago an answer here talking more about this subject:

    In general, I believe you've already got yourself some powerful tools to start your professional and personal development. Now it's up to you! If you still want to know more about other benefits AIChE gives us, check:

    I hope you have a wonderful time learning and these resources can help you. Don't hesitate to message or e-mail me with any doubts, I'll be more than happy to answer! I wish you the best and good luck!

    Best regards,

    Bruno Neves
    Student Chapter President at AIChE UFRJ
    Latin America Regional Liaison - ESC
    Publications Subcommittee/Student Central - ESC
    Chemical Engineering Undergraduate - UFRJ
    Rio De Janeiro - Brazil