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  • 1.  Non-THC, CBD Oil Extraction and Purifiction

    Posted 02-05-2020 21:39
    Hello AICHE Colleagues,

    CBD oil treatments derived from hemp plants have gained public interest to improve quality of life for a large population.  Understanding the primary constituents (or combination thereof) providing life quality benefits and methods for processing to isolate those compounds is my interest.  Published information describes unprofessional extraction and processing methods for components that are not clear to have any health benefits.  Are my AICHE colleagues knowledgeable about the compounds and processing methods to produce these health beneficial constituents?  This may be a sensitive topic for some, so please continue this educational string either public or private.

    Your comments are appreciated.

  • 2.  RE: Non-THC, CBD Oil Extraction and Purifiction

    Posted 02-07-2020 07:43
    ​You can buy small scale equipment to do this.  The "preferred" method is to us supercritical CO2 extraction.  Less pure extracts can be obtained with ethanol

    Leon Levine
    Albuquerque NM

  • 3.  RE: Non-THC, CBD Oil Extraction and Purifiction

    Posted 02-07-2020 08:19
    Hi Patrick,
    I too have an interest in being involved in the process improvement of CBD oil extraction and purification. My limited understanding from equipment suppliers to that industry is that the process methods and knowledge of engineering are severely lacking. I am a consultant and I would like to assist in making the quality of the CBD oil more consistent and safer. I look to hear input from others who do have more experience!

  • 4.  RE: Non-THC, CBD Oil Extraction and Purifiction

    Posted 02-08-2020 14:23
    Fellow AIChE's, I appreciate the feedback about CBD oil extraction from the hemp plant.  My research investigation into the topic has produced uncollaborated information from mostly unprofessional authors involving CO2 extraction, ethanol at -40 'C or ambient and hexane at ambient, but there does not appear to be knowledgeable information from our professional sector.  For those professionals within our AIChE family that have actual technical knowledge about the processes or a process, I would like to better understand principles and methods for extracting and purifying CBD oil products.

    From field handling to inbound delivery through each of the extraction and purifications steps to final crude or further purified product, there seems to be a lack of professional published knowledge from our collective society versus those interested in selling equipment.

    All Comments are appreciated.

    Patrick Bush

  • 5.  RE: Non-THC, CBD Oil Extraction and Purifiction

    Posted 02-08-2020 15:33
    See the Journal of supercritical fluids

    Leon Levine
    Albuquerque NM

  • 6.  RE: Non-THC, CBD Oil Extraction and Purifiction

    Posted 02-11-2020 01:19
    I have made several presentations centered on the use of CE and physical chemistry (including AIChE and ACS meetings) related to cannabis - hemp processing.  I normally do not use blog sites for professional discussions, but if your interested in my activities, i.e., consulting in this area, please contact me by e-mail at kingjw100@hotmaiol.com

    Dr. Jerry W King
    1965 E. Spinel Link #7
    Fayetteville, AR 72701, USA
    Tel:  1-479-251-1970
    E-Mails:  jwking1@uark.edu; kingjw100@hotmail.com; jerryw_king@yahoo.com 

  • 7.  RE: Non-THC, CBD Oil Extraction and Purifiction

    Posted 02-12-2020 09:28
    Hi Patrick and group,

    I have encountered about 6 hemp ethanol extraction facilities as a process consultant.  I've reviewed process drawings for code review as well as helped with commissioning.

    I agree with the previous observations.  I see a need for process safety, PSM, PHA and hazardous location code education as well as quality control and integrated instrumentation.  These are the high priority needs that I have observed.  Close after that is a need for basic process efficiency, understanding of distillation for water/ethanol separation, vacuum systems and basic systems training (lean, SS etc).

    Safety and professionalism have been my mantras when working with the hemp sector over the past year and a half.

    These are my notes from the field.


    Link Shumaker, PE
    BioSystems Engineering, PLLC
    North Carolina, US

  • 8.  RE: Non-THC, CBD Oil Extraction and Purifiction

    Posted 02-12-2020 09:35
    Hi Patrick,

    I recommend buying a copy of The Analytical Chemistry of Cannabis
    by researcherd Brian F. Thomas and Mahmoud A. Elsohly.
    RTI Press, Elsevier.

    It is a good peer reviewed overview of the botanical chemistry of cannabis which includes some discussion of obstacles to research.

    Its a good read.

    Link Shumaker, PE
    BioSystems Engineering, PLLC
    North Carolina, US

  • 9.  RE: Non-THC, CBD Oil Extraction and Purifiction

    Posted 02-12-2020 23:15
    Thanks Mr. Schumaker,

    I have looked this reference up and will order it.  It appears you have experience with these topics and I look forward to hearing more from you and other knowledgeable AIChE colleagues about CBD technology.  Would contributors know of any overseas reference material?  Technical process understanding from foreign entities of CBD nutraceutical products is also be of great interest as their laws are different than the USA and states within the USA.

    As I currently understand, lower temperature extraction of hemp at around -40 'C results in fewer impurities that require removal and higher temperatures increase impurities, which must be removed with more substantial downstream purification equipment.  Part of what I do not understand is what are the impurities, how much is present with altering extraction techniques and then what are the recommended purification steps and order to further purify the extract.  Which processing aides are recommended and the input ratio of process aide to process stream (weight-to-weight, whether CBD oil in solution with solvent at what percentage concentration, or as a CBD oil basis).

    Any information my scientific colleagues may provide to continue this dialogue will be greatly appreciated.  Please forward this discussion string to the non-AIChE technical community as well.  CBD oil is quickly gaining acceptance in the market place so having knowledge amongst our AIChE colleagues will greatly enhance our reach as a community into this topic.

    My best regards,

    Patrick Bush