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    Posted 07-07-2019 20:15
    Hello Everyone,

    I hope your days have been going smoothly. 

    I graduated college about a year ago, without much work experience, and I've been working some Temporary roles to both get some experience and see what I like doing. I wanted to ask people on here who have settled on a career path: How did you decided what career you wanted to go into? I know that some people with a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering also go into finance, become doctors, and take jobs outside of the industry. 

    Any and all insight is appreciated. Thank you!


    William Murtishaw
    Westfield NJ

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    Posted 07-09-2019 06:56
    I had a split decision path: I wanted to stay in the area, and I had certain fields that interested me more than others. The first lead me to look at the companies in the NJ area, the second let me organize them by priority by interest. You may have a similar outlook, or prefer industrial placement ahead of location.

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    Posted 07-10-2019 11:00
    Hello William,

    Thanks for your post. I'm sorry to learn that you haven't been able to find an outstanding chemical engineering position since graduation.

    A book that Suzanne Shelley and I recently published may be helpful in your search.
    Victor H. Edwards and Suzanne Shelley,
    "Careers in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering", 188 pages,
    CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, Boca Raton, FL.
    It is available on-line from CRC Press in several formats including both print and electronic versions.

    Best wishes for success,

    Vic Edwards

    Victor Edwards PhD,PE
    President and Principal Consultant
    VHE Technical Analysis
    Houston TX

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    Posted 07-09-2019 08:02
    In my case it was purpose that drove my decision. I wanted to help people. I realized that one of the biggest driving influences was the laws and rules that governed the day-to-day living and operation that is our society. It turns out the government is full of scientists and engineers supporting people, businesses, and lawmakers (not regulating, that wasn't my interest), so I was easily able to find a place I could be helpful.

    In the same spirit, I also focused on being helpful on a specific "big picture problem," in this case the so called energy crisis. I was able to find a role in an energy agency and have since learned that there are tons of folks just like me that represent other places I might also find a home doing very similar work.

    Best of luck finding your way!

    Elizabeth Sendich
    Lead Industry Economist
    U.S. Energy Information Administration

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    Posted 07-09-2019 22:34
    I told interviewers I wanted a position that "had more meaning than a check every other week". I see the same idea took you in an analogous direction. I appreciate all who make sure public data is honest.

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    Posted 07-11-2019 04:01
    Dear William

    I think you should go beyond the old and limiter boundaries of your mind, for example in my country (Iran-middle East) all my classmates were thinking of being an oil field engineer, but i decided to choose a different area and i joined pharmaceutical industry, you cant imagine how much happy and successful i am, for two reasons good vacancy in most of positions and lack of knowledge in chemical fields.
    now i want to advise you to explore more industries and areas for finding the best option.


    Iman Nazari