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Young Professionals Events During the Pandemic

  • 1.  Young Professionals Events During the Pandemic

    Posted 09-15-2020 11:04

    I am working on starting up a Young Professionals group in my local section. Last year we did monthly trivia nights at local bars around Cleveland. Unfortunately, the turnout wasn't the best. I think the primary issue was getting the word out and having it stick in peoples minds. As well as the inherent interest of people to want to come out after a day of work.

    We are beginning to schedule for the upcoming year and I am wondering what other groups have had success with in the past as well as what types of events have been successful during the pandemic. I am thinking of some outdoor activities like disc golf or hikes, but the weather will soon turn cold, so I may look into more career-based events like webinars for the winter.

    Any information is helpful!

    Thank you!

    John Juchnowski
    Analytical Chemist
    Xellia Pharmaceuticals
    Bedford OH

  • 2.  RE: Young Professionals Events During the Pandemic

    Posted 09-16-2020 23:09
    Edited by Nolver Huaman Minga 09-16-2020 23:24

    Hello Jhon;

    Congratulations on your effort to start a community of young professionals in your Local Section.

    In these times of pandemic, I would recommend organizing a virtual cinema for young professionals. You can use Netlix Party or any other free platform to watch the same movie with friends online. All participants should have the camera and microphone turned on to see their reactions when an interesting episode occurs. if they wish, they can eat on the court or  snacks while watching the movie.

    If you are thinking of organizing a webinar, I would recommend topics related to innovation and entrepreneurship in chemical engineering. You can also present startup success stories; Inspirational talks are a trend among young people.

    After the pandemic, you should consider throwing a party (eg; Halloween Party). Millennials and Centennials love to dance, listen to trendy music, and meet new friends.

    In your call for each event you can start by inviting your young colleagues from your company and your colleagues from the university; tell them to invite their friends too. You can also design a flayer and post on the social media.

    If you need more information; feel free to contact me at: granwilliam10@gmail.com

    Best regards
    Nolver W. Huaman,
    Quality Engineer
    Lima, Perú

  • 3.  RE: Young Professionals Events During the Pandemic

    Posted 09-21-2020 11:19
    Edited by Dan Lambert 09-21-2020 11:21
    John and Nolver
         The virtual local section (virtual.aiche.org) is willing to collaborate with your efforts. We have about 100 YPs who are dues paying members and we have about 5600 members of our LinkedIn group, many who are YPs. So let us know if we can help or collaborate with this. We have our Zoom account and some communication tools that might be helpful.

    Dan Lambert
    Chair, Virutal Local Section

  • 4.  RE: Young Professionals Events During the Pandemic

    Posted 09-21-2020 16:02
    Hello Nolver and Dan,

    Thank you for the suggestions! I will take a look and see what I can put together!

    John Juchnowski
    Chemistry Technician
    Xellia Pharmaceuticals
    Willowick OH