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Simulation of Polymerization Processes

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    Posted 17 days ago
    Hello dears,

    Hope you’re all doing great. I’ve been working on building a process model for HDPE slurry copolymerization using Aspen PLUS for quite a time. I have read a lot of literatures on simulation of HDPE and from what I see those people tend to get great agreement between model predictions and plant data and I’m assuming that the software itself is capable of modeling such processes quite well. In my case it does fit the data quite well for some data point only while other data points it’s underestimating/overestimating some targets. I’m wondering if this is normal in modeling or it shouldn’t be the case.

    I’d love to connect with someone who’s been through this experience previously, especially in Polymerization simulation.


    Mohammed Almutawa
    Engineer II, Process Development