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Chemical Safety Board Videos

  • 1.  Chemical Safety Board Videos

    Posted 10-23-2020 15:51
    Has anyone used one of the Chemical Safety Board videos to highlight safety? Which ones are most effective? https://www.csb.gov/videos/

    Dan Lambert
    Chair, Virutal Local Section

  • 2.  RE: Chemical Safety Board Videos

    Posted 10-24-2020 01:30
    I have used several CSB videos in my Process Safety Course. One example is BP Texas City Refinery Explosion

    BP America Refinery Explosion

    Besides discussing the causes, effects and what could have been done to prevent the incident, the accidents provide a platform to discuss chemical engineering processes in more detail at the operational level. Dr. Scott Fogler at university of Michigan has a very good format for discussion and assignments related to these videos, titled, "Components of a Safety Module."

    Union Carbide accident at Bhopal, India is another good example of lack of safety protocols and neglect which led to the release of toxic gases, causing thousands of fatalities. There are several other videos, which can be used for topics on reactivity, thermodynamics, toxicity, fire, explosion, etc. CSB videos can be easily incorporated in existing chemical engineering courses to address ABET requirements on teaching process safety as well as making students aware of the importance of safety for everyone involved in engineering practice.

    Best regards.

    Ramesh C. Chawla, PhD, F.AIChE
    Professor, Chemical Engineering Department
    Howard University
    Washington, DC 20059
    E-mail: rchawla@howard.edu

  • 3.  RE: Chemical Safety Board Videos

    Posted 10-24-2020 07:43

    The CSB videos are a fantastic resource for safety meetings, as meeting starters, in staff meetings and in email blasts to the organization. The lessons taught are invaluable. Always select and highlight the topic and lesson which are related to the work at hand. WIIIFM - What is in it for me? Even if the lesson you want to teach is only tangentially related, the power of video is undeniable. And, a side benefit may be a lesson the viewer learns for another situation. Have a discussion, ask a pointed question or open end the query to get folks to think and share

    My premise is that safety behaviors are not necessarily natural. Humans are a successful species because we are are genetically hard wired to find the easiest/fastest/most economical/short cut to accomplishing a task and will avoid work completely if there is no near term consequence. So your role is to raise their consciousness to the long term benefits of PSM and occupational safety; finishing all the steps in proper order, not setting a trap for someone else (15 minutes or 15 years later), keeping a questioning attitude and communicating with coworkers and others concisely, etc.

    A wise sage said, “You can only learn 2 ways. Either you learn from personal experiences or from the experiences of others. When it comes to safety (and for your loved ones) you better learn as much as possible from others. You cannot personally experience many of these lessons and live.”

    The CSB Videos are a treasure you can use personally and professionally to save lives.

    Gary Koehler
    Brownsville, Texas

  • 4.  RE: Chemical Safety Board Videos

    Posted 10-27-2020 13:42
    My company, an engineering firm, has used these videos for our weekly "tool box" safety meetings.  There is takeaway value for all disciplines.
    Bill Boutall

  • 5.  RE: Chemical Safety Board Videos

    Posted 10-24-2020 11:33

    I've used CSB case study videos in my ChE courses for the past decade (I think they're excellent), and recently published a study in the journal Chemical Engineering Education regarding views of senior ChE students on the CSB videos:


    In case you don't have access to the full article, here is an excerpt from the conclusion section which identifies the three "best" CSB videos found in the study:

    "...student ratings of perceived quality of visuals and effectiveness showed that the videos "Fire in Baton Rouge", "Dangerously Close: Explosion in West, Texas", and "Filling Blind" were the most highly regarded; based on the data collected, students feel any of these videos would make good choices for ChE instructors wishing to use CSB process safety case study videos as part of in-class discussion or assignments."

    I hope this is helpful.


  • 6.  RE: Chemical Safety Board Videos

    Posted 10-26-2020 06:50

    Hi Dan

    The CSB has many videos. They are all highly recommended to use as a tool for raising awareness and disseminating knowledge in Process Safety. You can find different videos that can be used to reinforce concepts in one or several of the elements of the process safety management system (for example, Process Safety Culture, MOC, Operational Procedures, Mechanical Integrity, etc.).

    I hope it is useful for you.




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  • 7.  RE: Chemical Safety Board Videos

    Posted 10-26-2020 12:42

    I have used the CSB videos in our Process Group meetings as a safety topic, and as a highlight during safety week.  I use the Texas City explosion, or the recent Philadelphia explosion as examples.  The overall theme is that the hydrocarbon business has hazards, and as contract engineers walking in the area, we should be aware of the environment.

    Then we discuss other process topics like instrumentation and the false reading/mis-calibration issues, hazards with start-up and shut-down, and communicating with the board operators.

    These are useful tools in helping us understand the hazards and limitations in our design work.

    Robert Hormell, PE
    St. Louis, MO

    Robert Hormell PE
    Ballwin MO

  • 8.  RE: Chemical Safety Board Videos

    Posted 10-27-2020 08:27
    Dan, these are great. Real pictures make an impression! I used 3 of these in my many years of teaching the ChE for non ChE's course for AICHE. The Georgia sugar explosion, the BP/Amoco fire/explosion in Texas City, and the reactive chem incident were used in every course.

    [Jack] [Hipple]
    [TRIZ and Engineering Training Services LLC]

  • 9.  RE: Chemical Safety Board Videos

    Posted 10-28-2020 07:00
    This week's VLS meeting is on the CSB Accidental Release Reporting rule .  The live presentation will be on Wed Oct 28 at 9PM EDT.  Hosted meetings showing the recorded presentation will be on Thu Oct 29 at 6AM EDT and 1PM EDT to accommodate people in different time zones.  You do not need to be a VLS member to attend these meetings and it is not too late to sign up.

    The CSB videos are indeed an excellent resource that I have used to get people to discuss chemical safety.  The videos are very well done and quite insightful.  It will be interesting to learn about the Accidental Release Reporting rule and how that helps the CSB respond to significant accidental releases.

    Aaron Sarafinas
    Sarafinas Process & Mixing Consulting LLC
    Warminster PA

  • 10.  RE: Chemical Safety Board Videos

    Posted 10-29-2020 08:38
    Edited by Monica Mellinger 10-29-2020 10:56
    This week's VLS meeting on the CSB Accidental Reporting Rule was a very good opportunity to meet some people and hear some great content.  It was my first time visiting the section and I found it to be worth the effort to join as well as reinforce some of the great lessons CSB has shared with us during its history, often overcoming challenges of support in funding, in having a limited number of investigators, and in having adequate board members to guide decision making.   Thank you @Dan Lambert and section team for pulling this together.

    Daniel Pinkham
    Principal Consultant
    Lakehurst Consulting, LLC
    Leawood KS

  • 11.  RE: Chemical Safety Board Videos

    Posted 10-29-2020 09:25
    Today's VLS meeting on accedental release reporting rule is very useful to chemical industry personnel. I wish, more people from industries should have participated. It is a plot form for understanding, internalising and expressing their opinions. I  strongly recommend industry people to attend. Thanks to Mr. LAN for conducting and  Mr. Chris for  presentation/clarifications. 



  • 12.  RE: Chemical Safety Board Videos

    Posted 11-01-2020 22:16
      |   view attached
    Tributes to legendary Safety Guru Mr.Trevor Kletz. Watch the attached video.

    Rama Kotti
    Ex. Head Plant Operations

  • 13.  RE: Chemical Safety Board Videos

    Posted 12-09-2022 09:37
    This newest one is pretty interesting and shows the need for educating small companies about safety:

    Washington D.C., December 7, 2022 - Today, the U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) released a new safety video about the fatal explosion that occurred on April 3, 2017, at the Loy-Lange Box Company in St Louis, Missouri. The incident occurred when a severely corroded pressure vessel catastrophically failed, causing an explosion that launched the pressure vessel into a neighboring building. One worker and three members of the public were fatally injured.

    Reza Mostofi PhD

    1(847) 391-1171

  • 14.  RE: Chemical Safety Board Videos

    Posted 12-12-2022 08:09
    My favorite CSB videos used for Intro to ChE training were:
    "Anatomy of a Disaster" (BP Fire/Explostion, Texas City)
    "Inferno: Explosion at Imperial Sugar" (Excellent for solids handling issues)
    "Runaway: Explotion at T2 Laboratories (Excellent for reactive chemicals)

    [Jack] [Hipple]
    [TRIZ and Engineering Training Services LLC]

  • 15.  RE: Chemical Safety Board Videos

    Posted 12-12-2022 10:33
    I have only watched the BP video but will watch the other two as well. Thanks

    Reza Mostofi PhD

    1(847) 391-1171

  • 16.  RE: Chemical Safety Board Videos

    Posted 12-12-2022 10:34
    Thanks, I have only watched the BP video but will watch the other two as well.

    Reza Mostofi PhD

    1(847) 391-1171

  • 17.  RE: Chemical Safety Board Videos

    Posted 12-12-2022 08:12
    I participated in this investigation and served as Investigator-In-Charge much of the time.

    A major revelation for me was that the type of failure of this superheated water storage vessel resulted in a BLEVE, a Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion.

    Every BLEVE I had seen before was the result of a rupture caused by flame-impact metal weakening, followed by failure and subsequent instantaneous complete ripping of the vessel, resulting in instantaneous depressurization of a liquid hydrocarbon to vapor. The resulting ignition of the vapor creates the signature fireball of a BLEVE.

    Here, there was no external flame-cause of failure. There was no ignition. Instead, because of the manner in which a weak ring of corroded steel around the maximum circumference of the bottom head was left behind in a repair, the entire bottom head basically blew off instantaneously, providing such a massive hole that the entire water contents vaporized instantaneously. Like the instantaneous ripping of the hydrocarbon vessel in a traditional BLEVE. This was compounded by the large density difference of liquid water and vapor water; much larger difference than a typical hydrocarbon. So there was a huge volume of vapor generated instantaneously in the vessel, and as it exited through the bottom, it basically created a water vapor-fueled missile that, even after expending energy to break through the roof of the Loy Lange building, still had enough thrust to reach a  business quite a ways away..

    Steve Cutchen
    Investigator, retired
    Houston TX

  • 18.  RE: Chemical Safety Board Videos

    Posted 12-12-2022 10:34
    That's interesting, thanks for the additional information.

    Reza Mostofi PhD

    1(847) 391-1171

  • 19.  RE: Chemical Safety Board Videos

    Posted 12-19-2022 14:52
    I have used several of the CSB videos in courses. I probably won't remember all of them off of the top of my head. Most of the ones that I like emphasize proper design to make dangerous errors less likely, as well as the danger of "going through the motions" or "just going along" when it comes to safety.

    Incompatible Chemicals: Explosion at AB Specialty Silicones
    Mixed Connection, Toxic Result
    Fire in Baton Rouge
    Filling Blind
    Dangers of Hot Work
    Blocked In (fits nicely with learning VLE principles)
    Silent Killer: Hydrogen Sulfide Release in Odessa, Texas
    Shock to the System
    Explosion at Formosa Plastics (Illinois)
    Chevron RIchmond Refinery Fire Animation

    Valerie Young
    Ohio University
    Athens, OH United States