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Subsea Flow assurance for oilfields challenges

  • 1.  Subsea Flow assurance for oilfields challenges

    Posted 12 days ago
    Subsea flow assurance in waxy oil field is always a challenge. I have a specific hashtagsubsea hashtagoilfield hashtagflowassurance question

    We have a project having a cluster of subsea wells connected through production manifold and routing the oil production to the topside. when a shutdown occurs, there are high chances of crude reach up to wax and then subsequently jelling starts if there is no action like displacement of the light fluids in the flowlines from the topside

    The chemical injection which can break gel requires very high pressure from chemical injection pumps which increases the design pressure of pipeline systems. I am looking for the application of proven practices prevailing in oil field management in design so as to achieve flow assurance for such waxy fluids reached to gel formation temperature after the shutdown and there are no measures taken such as displacement of the light oils in the production lines and no-touch time is passed, how to break such gel if the gel break pressure for chemical injection requires very high pressure which is not practical to design. Any methods involving depressurization of subsea production systems could give any solution? can anyone share technical papers or their experience on the specific gel break process for subsea systems ?

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