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1.  Definition Of Chemical Engineering

Posted 10-11-2017 03:03
Chemical engineering has to do with industrial processes in which raw materials are changed or separated into useful products. The chemical engineer must develop, design, and engineer both the complete process and the equipment used; choose the proper raw materials; operate the plants efficiently, safely, and economically; and see it to that products meet the requirements set by the customers. Chemical engineering is both an art and a science. Whenever science helps the engineer to solve a problem, science should be used. When, as is usually the case, science does not give a complete answer, it is necessary to use experience and judgment. The professional stature of an engineer depends on skill in utilizing all sources of information to reach practical solutions to processing problems.
               The variety of processes and industries that call for the services of chemical engineers is enormous. In the past, the areas of most concern to chemical engineers were ore beneficiation, petroleum refining, and the manufacture of heavy chemicals and organics such as sulfuric acid, methyl alcohol, and polyethylene. Today items such as polymeric lithographic supports for the electronics industry, high strength composite materials, genetically modified biochemical agents in areas of food processing, and drug manufacture and drug delivery have become increasingly important. The processes described in standard treatises on chemical technology and the process and biochemical industries give a good idea of the field of chemicalengineering.

Allahyar Khan
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2.  RE: Definition Of Chemical Engineering

Posted 10-12-2017 01:00
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Abraham Osinuga
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3.  RE: Definition Of Chemical Engineering

Posted 10-12-2017 04:26
Chemical Engineering is branch which deals with the conversion of RAW MATERIAL into PRODUCTS using didifferent Unit Operations like mass transfer, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, etc.

Job a CHEMICAL ENGINEER is to design & develope a optimised process in the industries also taking consideration of Process Safety, Quality, Quantity, Economy, etc.

Mr. Ajinkya Jadhav