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Studying and working in a foreign country

  • 1.  Studying and working in a foreign country

    Posted 27 days ago
    my name is Daniel Batista and I am  currently studying chemical enginner in University of Coimbra, located in Portugal.

    I was hoping to have some perspective and opinion about how it is and if it can be worthy to study/work  chemical engineering in an  Asian country, in paticular on Japan or South Korea.

    I have recently heard some people comment about how good it would be to work in an Asian country such as Japan, due to some of the technologycal advances this country has in comparison to other countries.

     So, that made me want to know more about it, unfortunately I couldn't find much concrete  information as I wanted to, which makes me quite sad because I was hoping to have an idea,  if there is a possibility for a chemical engineer to work or have a good education in Japan.

    Also, I am a bit fascinated with japanese culture and the country, but  Japan is not the only asian country that comes to my  mind, I am also fascinated by south korea.

    But, is it really possible to have a future as a chemical engineer in one of those countries (Japan and South Korea)?

    Does anyone by any  chance happens to know any good companies or universities that are worth studying in both countries? Or perharps some information about chemical engineers who studied or worked there?

    If not what are some of the best countries in the world for chemical engineers to work or continue and develop their studies?

    Thank you for reading,
    and hope you can help me.

    Daniel Batista

  • 2.  RE: Studying and working in a foreign country

    Posted 27 days ago
    Hi Daniel.

    I should first express that I do not have experience working or studying in any Asian country. However, one of the amazing faculty members at New Mexico State University recently spent six months conducting research in Japan as part of the Fulbright Program.  She wrote a great blog. Reading it allowed me to feel like I was in Japan as well. I hope that reading the blog will help you get a sense of what it would be like to work and study in Japan. Good luck with your search.

    Here is a link to the blog: Dr. J. Houston Japan Fulbright Blog.

    Maria Carmona-Montalvo
    Chair, AIChE Executive Student Committee
    B.S., New Mexico State University, 2023
    University of California at Berkeley, 2010