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Virtual Internship

  • 1.  Virtual Internship

    Posted 06-01-2020 10:34
    Is there any virtual internship or volunteership related to the chemical industry available for international students?

    Darshan Chheda


  • 2.  RE: Virtual Internship

    Posted 06-02-2020 00:47
    Edited by Bruno Neves 06-02-2020 00:47
    Hello Darshan, how are you? I hope you and your family are well and safe during the pandemic.

    As far as I'm concerned, there are no virtual internships to the chemical engineering related area, only technology area. Although I did see one place that connects students with virtual internships, called "CareerUp, Inc.". You can easily find them on LinkedIn, as an example.

    As I'm not sure if that would interest you, maybe you could develop new skills - whether hard or soft skills - so you can be even more prepared to apply for an internship when the right time comes There are a bunch of free and paid resources online and I'll list some of them:

    I hope these informations can help you somehow on your journey for an internship somehow. Any doubts you have feel free to msg me through here or my e-mail. Wish you the best of luck!

    Best regards,
    Bruno Neves
    Chemical Engineering Undergraduate
    Rio De Janeiro

  • 3.  RE: Virtual Internship

    Posted 06-05-2020 12:48
    Weldone such an informative post especially for newbies.

    Saad Asif
    BS Chemical Engineer
    Trainee Engineer

  • 4.  RE: Virtual Internship

    Posted 06-02-2020 06:15
    Hi everyone!,
    I am a senior student of chemical engineer at City College of New York and I am looking for an intership to expand my knowledge in any field, someone could help me please ?
    Thank you

    Christian Aravena
    New York NY

  • 5.  RE: Virtual Internship

    Posted 06-02-2020 20:17
    Hello Christian! I hope you and your family are doing fine during the pandemic.

    As I wrote to Darshan, I extremely recommend taking a look at the LinkedIn. You can find a lot of companies through there and make valuables connections that could last forever with people that, otherwise, you probably wouldn't meet.

    If you can't find anything that interests you, you can always search for online courser where you enhance your skills in different areas.

    Best Regards,

    Bruno Neves
    Student Chapter President at AIChE UFRJ
    Chemical Engineering Undergraduate - UFRJ
    Rio De Janeiro - Brazil