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'Thermodynamics' and 'Heat Transfer'

  • 1.  'Thermodynamics' and 'Heat Transfer'

    Posted 08-24-2019 16:07
    Difference between 'Thermodynamics' and 'Heat Transfer'
    Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer both are part of
    thermal engineering and each has its own meaning and
    importance. Both deals with heat and energy then, one
    might ask, what is the real difference between the two
    subjects ? i.e. Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
    "Thermodynamics" deals with the amount of energy in
    form of heat or work during a process and only considers
    the end states in equilibrium. It will not give information
    about how long it will take to reach to the final state in
    equilibrium. While,
    "Heat Transfer" deals with the rate of energy transfer thus,
    it gives idea of how long a heat transfer will occur? Heat
    transfer deals with time and non equilibrium phenomena.
    Heat can only transfer when there is a temperature
    gradient exists in a body and which is indication of non
    equilibrium phenomena.
    In short, Thermodynamics gives "Why" a process will
    occur and Heat Transfer will tell, "How" a process will
    occur when there is a concern about transfer of heat.
    To support all these arguments, Thermodynamics uses
    following laws,
    Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics
    First law of Thermodynamics
    Second Law of Thermodynamics
    Third Law of Thermodynamics
    While, Heat Transfer uses,
    Fourier's Law (Heat conduction)
    Newtons Law of Cooling (Heat convection)
    Planck's Law (Thermal Radiation)
    Stephan Boltzman's Law (Thermal Radiation)
    Wein's Law (Thermal Radiation)
    Kirchoff's Law (Thermal Radiation)
    Lambart's Law (Thermal Radiation)

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