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Managing change & uncertainty

  • 1.  Managing change & uncertainty

    Posted 05-04-2020 10:57
    How do you stay motivated and productive in the face of uncertainty and change?


    Emily Miksiewicz
    Membership Associate, Student Programs
    New York, NY

  • 2.  RE: Managing change & uncertainty

    Posted 05-05-2020 00:04
    Being adaptable is a great skill to have. Being flexible but also mentally grounded can help with all the uncertainty. It is best to keep calm and I think working out and meditating routinely can bee a good conduct to staying motivated and sane. I also recommend setting a daily routine that will keep you energized as you work from home. For me that means waking up, run/ yoga/workout, shower, and coffee before starting my productive day (it's going to be different for everyone, just know yourself). Keep a sleep schedule and eating schedule. Don't work from the your bed if you want to focus. I tell my family to respect my work hours. If I need someone to hold me accountable, I FaceTime a friend to keep each other from getting distracted. I also have a yoga community on Instagram and we share our daily practice. Stay connected with your friends and family even if they are far. All the best!

    Arantza Romero
    Atlanta, GA

  • 3.  RE: Managing change & uncertainty

    Posted 05-05-2020 01:15
    Edited by AYUSH MISHRA 05-05-2020 01:17

    Uncertainty is uncomfortable for everyone whether it is a political turmoil or a global pandemic. Most of us feel upset and anxious when faced with uncertainty. According to me, to overcome this and to stay motivated and productive is to adapt yourself to the change, plan your daily routine (which is most probably a monotonous routine) and initiate the plan. By doing this we acknowledge the uncertainty and at the same time model self-care. Setting short-term goals, adapting work from home culture, enhancing your skills or learning a new one will ensure productivity. Stay motivated by exercising a daily routine which includes the things you always wanted to do, but due to any reason you couldn't. Apart from this, spend time with your family, meditate daily for your mental health, face time with your friends to keep up with them, take care of your family. This too shall pass. All the best!

    Ayush Mishra
    Global Director - AIChE ESC
    Mumbai, India

  • 4.  RE: Managing change & uncertainty

    Posted 05-05-2020 13:46
    I try to keep my mind busy. Whether it's studying, doing something that I love, or just being lazy. I don't see that we must be productive 100% of all our time. I believe that having our brain working is the key to a healthy mind.

    With this mindset, I continue to work in order to stay closer to reaching my previously set goals, but trying to develop skills that can develop me in other areas, becoming a more complete professional and able to act in whatever is proposed to me.

    Knowing that I am becoming more capable and fit in different areas that interest me motivates me to move forward and face uncertainty.

    Bruno Neves
    Rio De Janeiro

  • 5.  RE: Managing change & uncertainty

    Posted 05-05-2020 20:46
    Surely, i perceive change and uncertainty as some of all elements of failures. To be motivated and productive in the face of these, i have to keep faith on end results by determination, showing high level of process discipline and be more proactive in anything i do.