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Machine learning in Chemical Engineering systems

  • 1.  Machine learning in Chemical Engineering systems

    Posted 28 days ago
    I have come to understand the immense potential of machine learning and big data analytics on various fields especially now in the twenty-first century. However, I don't hear much of them being applied to chemical engineering systems. Can someone share with me if there are anyone/teams/organizations working along these fields and where they are right now?

    Francis Fellippe Gumahin
    Chemical Engineering Undergraduate
    Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan

  • 2.  RE: Machine learning in Chemical Engineering systems

    Posted 27 days ago
    Hello Francis, how are you? I hope you're well and safe during these tough times!

    I totally agree with you regarding the growing importance of machine learning in multiples fields. I believe that, if you want to have something different from other candidates applying for any kind of position, the knowledge in machine learning/data science will definitely be one of the main skills to have (as well as knowledge in other languages hehe).

    I understand that you don't see these knowledges being applied in the chemical field, but I can guarantee you they are. For example, I'm working on an undergraduate research program studying the application of reinforcement learning algorithms in chemical process control. Also, a lot of companies are starting to use data science techniques to better predict multiple things in their area. It's just a matter of looking deeply  in a company and you'll see it being applied.

    Another example is Merck KGaA, a German company in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, which has become a global business of 40 billion dollars. By using data collected from ERP and central manufacturing and inventory control systems to gain business insights, Merck entrepreneurs realized that most of the effort, around 80%, was used only to find, access and ingest this data from each project, and not in the analyzes to obtain better commercial results. Then came MANTIS (Manufacturing and Analytics Intelligence), a data storage and processing system that can handle structured and unstructured data from a variety of sources, including text, video and social media.

    I've also noticed that more and more companies are creating specialized areas to work with big data, as they are seeing the importance of having qualified people focused exclusively on this matter.

    I hope I was able to give you some insights regarding this matter. It is an awesome field to study, and from what I can see it's already dominating the market. I'd say the trend is that in 5-10 years all fields will have machine learning/data science experts working so they can spend less and profit more.

    I wish you all the best, and don't hesitate to message or email me with any doubts!

    Best regards,

    Bruno Neves
    Student Chapter President at AIChE UFRJ
    Latin America Regional Liaison - ESC
    Publications Subcommittee/Student Central - ESC
    Chemical Engineering Undergraduate - UFRJ
    Rio De Janeiro - Brazil