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The Quest for Proficiency

  • 1.  The Quest for Proficiency

    Posted 06-06-2020 05:51
    While searching for a new employee, different employers look for different things. But they are all trying to answer one overarching question: What value will this individual add to my organization?

    As a strong potential candidate,its your job to help them reach the right conclusion. Although setting yourself apart from the crowd is a rigorous process, showcasing your completion of relevant courses is a great starting point.

    But mind you, as you proceed in the quest for developing a skill set that you've developed, be always prepared to answer these questions:
    • What drove you to enroll in these courses and further your education?
    • What knowledge did you gain from the courses?
    • What can you do now that you couldn't do before?

    Remember, don't sell yourself short, but don't overdo it either. Be concise, speak confidently about the skill set you've developed and make sure it is relevant to the goal you're aiming to achieve.

    To your success story🎉

    Emmanuel Nwaka

  • 2.  RE: The Quest for Proficiency

    Posted 06-07-2020 19:37
    Hello Emmanuel, how are you?

    I totally agree with you! To show the recruiter how you'll solve his problem is really important for being "the chosen one". Also, I think that this is a great thing to think about, since I believe, for the future, the recruitment will be done most exclusively through connections and networking.

    Also, developing your soft skills is extremely important, since almost half of new hires (48%) fail within 18 months. Just 11 percent of those failures are due to a lack of hard skills; the rest (89%) stem from a lack of soft skills, according to a Leadership IQ study (link to the source here).

    For that, I recommend a post that was posted here 4 days ago, where I answered with a few tips on how to develop your soft skills. To check it out, just click here.

    Thanks for all your recommendations and I hope the point I added can help anyone who is looking for a job.

    Best Regards,

    Bruno Neves
    Student Chapter President at AIChE UFRJ
    Chemical Engineering Undergraduate - UFRJ
    Rio De Janeiro - Brazil

  • 3.  RE: The Quest for Proficiency

    Posted 06-09-2020 02:58
    Pls what are the necessary hard skills needed for employment 

  • 4.  RE: The Quest for Proficiency

    Posted 06-09-2020 18:04
    Hello Chidiebere, how are you? I hope you and your family are safe!

    So, the answer I give you is: it depends on the segment you're willing to work.

    Nevertheless, I'd say that ExcelVBA and PowerBI are the most important you can choose to learn, to work in whichever analyst position you apply. They're widely utilized and, from what I see, knowing PowerBI has been a differential.

    I'd say that, if you these 3, if you're not one step ahead of other applicants, definetely you won't be one step back.

    I hope this can help. Feel free to msg or e-mail me whenever you want!

    Best regards,

    Bruno Neves
    Student Chapter President at AIChE UFRJ
    Latin America Regional Liaison - ESC
    Publications Subcommittee/Student Central - ESC
    Chemical Engineering Undergraduate - UFRJ
    Rio De Janeiro - Brazil

  • 5.  RE: The Quest for Proficiency

    Posted 06-10-2020 02:19
    Pls who knows anything about Chemical Process Safety and its potential relevance in the profession