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  • 1.  Study Tips

    Posted 12-05-2018 10:37
    It seems like a lot of schools are having their final exams around this time. Does anyone have study tips to share with us?

    Thanks in advance, and also, good luck on any finals you might have!

    Anna Wagner

  • 2.  RE: Study Tips

    Posted 12-06-2018 00:34
    You must know the "why" of the concept and write it in your notes, then you practice.

    The most important is practice, different problems, situations or conditions to understand the concept.

    Relax, all in your time. :)

    Oscar Najera
    Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León
    San Nicolás De Los Garza, Mexico

  • 3.  RE: Study Tips

    Posted 12-07-2018 00:01

    As a tutor at my university's tutoring center, I can tell you that what I recommend to most of my tutees is to not just practice the problems (as if you were rushing through the problems really quickly), but to really take your time on the problems (really understand each step, each process, and connect the concepts from textbooks and their notes to better understand the problem). I've learned from my own experience that practice does not really mean "perfect" because a majority of the time, I would be remembering steps rather than understanding each of the steps to solving the problem. 

    I've tutored many subjects and they vary depending on how you work through the problem. For Physics, practicing drawing diagrams as well as understanding the meaning of the word problem are the most challenging aspects of studying (because each scenario is completely different from one another). For Organic Chemistry, I showed my tutees techniques to piecing molecules by understanding their chemical properties (for example, electronegativity), because there are many ways to make a molecule (which is why I've always encouraged them to not rely on me to give them the answer, but to connect the dots). 

    But of course for Chemical Engineering classes like Transport Phenomena, I've learned that solving the problems slowly (understanding boundary conditions, fluid properties, drawing out diagrams, setting up equations, and deriving them) and consistently (don't keep on switching your technique for solving a problem, stay consistent) are ways to get a hand on difficult problems. 

    Good luck on your finals everyone and I hope you all have a wonderful winter break!

    Best regards,
    Matthew Tom
    AIChE CPP Chapter President
    Learning Resource Center Bronco Tutor

  • 4.  RE: Study Tips

    Posted 12-07-2018 10:40


    I would suggest you divide your day into slots of 3 hrs and make it a habit to sit for the slot continuously. take a break at 1.5 hrs if you feel necessary. make a timetable and see that you study at least 2 subjects per day. 

    I also advise you to get the concepts, spend more time on understanding them and think of their applications.   in case of equations try to use them as much as possible during solving sums etc., only this way u can remember the formulas etc., for a long time and memorizing them isn't a viable option.

    Hope this helps!
    With best wishes

    Sudeep Mudhulu

  • 5.  RE: Study Tips

    Posted 12-07-2018 14:27
    Depending on the class, especially ones where there is no practice exams or reviews, I rewrite all of the notes in a condensed form and go over the homework and recitations. Practice exams are always useful though but they don't have all of the material you need to cover.

    I don't normally study with flashcards or for classes that require lots of memorization so I don't have many suggestions there. But there are some classes that seem like memorization classes that don't need to be. Like in organic chemistry, I found it easier to memorize the reaction mechanisms and then understand how they work to apply them to a reaction rather then memorize each reaction.

    If you work in groups often, make sure you feel comfortable answering questions on your own and not only in a collaborative setting. Collaboration is good but if you rely on group work it wont help during an exam. Find a good middle ground I guess.

    If your taking an exam sleep is almost always more beneficial then cramming and going into an exam sleep deprived. Also food is equally important even if its just a pop tart before an exam.

    And lastly, mentally prepare yourself. If you know the exam is going to be difficult don't get worked up over it. Spend a good amount of time before an exam calming down expecting it to ask you challenging questions and prepare yourself to answer them the best you can. You should probably still have some nervousness though.

    Good luck

    Jacob Stewart
    Canby OR