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Removal Of Algae From Cooling Tower.

  • 1.  Removal Of Algae From Cooling Tower.

    Posted 07-12-2019 16:29
    What are the reasons of the growth of algae in the chemical treated water in cooling towers during summers. Please suggest me the preventions too.

    Ahmed Amjad


  • 2.  RE: Removal Of Algae From Cooling Tower.

    Posted 07-13-2019 02:57
      Algae needs three things to grow: moisture, sunlight, and nutrients. Cooling towers are open to the outside air, so they often allow outside microbes (nutrients for algae) and sunlight into the water. As a result, algae can quickly grow out of control if left unchecked


    Algae in your cooling tower is best prevented by:

    • Cleaning your cooling towers regularly, according to your manufacturer directions.
    • Developing and following an effective water management plan, which will outline when your cooling tower may be in need of extra cleaning. Your plan may include checking the cooling tower regularly to look for signs of algae, biofilm, or sediment.
    • Using chemicals to prevent algae growth and/or kill existing algae. Some chemicals, such as chlorine, may be used in low amounts for extended periods as a preventive measure. Others, such as those that kill algae, may be used in short spurts or "shots" to eliminate any algae that has begun to form. Many different types of chemicals are available, and the ones you choose will depend upon water pH, their compatibility with one another, and your specific cooling tower.

    There is no single solution for preventing algae in a cooling tower. Chances are, you'll need a multi-faceted approach that focuses on being proactive in preventing algae, not just treating it once it's there. That's because even a small amount of algae can quickly grow out of control, setting you up for the health dangers and efficiency problems we mentioned above.

    Ideally, you'll use your water management team to create an algae prevention plan. You'll also need to detail your algae prevention strategy in your overall water management plan 

    Chukwuma Onyema
    Imo State

  • 3.  RE: Removal Of Algae From Cooling Tower.

    Posted 07-13-2019 08:16

    These are some of the following steps you can take to prevent formation of algae in cooling tower:
    • You can clean your cooling tower on a regular basis. 
    • You can create an effective water management plan. This can include periodic checking of algae, biofilm, or any kind of sediment.
    • You can use chemicals to prevent the growth of algae, and/or to prevent sediment formation. Eg;- Chlorine and Bromine.
    • Use Phosphoric acid to prevent formation of sediments.
    • Use bicarbonates to maintain pH of the water in cooling tower.

    If you want further clarification on this topic, please ask.

    Narayanan Madathil
    Student of Chemical Engineering
    University of Mumbai, Maharashtra-400098.