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Pitot Tube

  • 1.  Pitot Tube

    Posted 06-13-2020 23:35
    If we are solving a problem of orifice and the area of container is varying with height, so what would be the flow rare, (time differential of (area*height)) or (area* (time differential of height)), here area is a function of height.

    Himanshu Singh Chauhan
    Chemical Engineering Sophomore
    RGIPT, India

  • 2.  RE: Pitot Tube

    Posted 06-15-2020 01:15
    Hello Himanshy, how are you? I hope you're well and safe!

    I took some time to study it, searched a lot through the internet and did the best I could. I think I might've come up with a solution, but I'm not sure if you'll understand it. I hope you will.

    If the fluid is flowing through an orifice in the direction of the container's height axis (which has its area varying with the height), we have to say that the fluid's velocity depends on the area. But if the fluid is flowing in the direction of the width of the container, through an orifice, the speed should not vary (in this case the area doesn't depende the area). I'm attaching two documents (photos) that might enlighten you!

    I hope this helps you, and don't hesitate to send me a message or e-mail! I wish you the best.

    Best regards,

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