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Housekeeping / 5S Chemical Plants

  • 1.  Housekeeping / 5S Chemical Plants

    Posted 04-13-2019 22:20
    Hi all.. may you share your experiences about housekeeping/ 5s programs for chemical plants? A simple check list I believe can help to control this, but it is important to lead well your team in order to change the culture. I hope you can share experiences. Thanks all!

    Adolfo Leao
    Production Engineer

  • 2.  RE: Housekeeping / 5S Chemical Plants

    Posted 07-12-2019 08:36
    ​It won't work unless you have the employees part of the program.  Start with their simple suggestions.  Make sure you take before and after pictures so that you and everyone involved can see the differences in each area you tackle.  Look for small easy quick "wins" at first.  Make sure you have an approved budget before you start....that way you don't promise things that you don't have money for.  Generally, 5s is relatively cheap.  Clearly communicate the budget to the team, that way, they understand that there isn't an endless amount of money to solve every problem.  Most important....celebrate each achievement.  It doesn't have to be elaborate.....just a hand shake and a "thank you for caring" goes a long way.

    In the chemical plant I managed….the first things we did is start replacing the old yellowish lights with a more modern LED light (operator's idea).  It started brightening the place up and people started keeping their areas cleaner.  But consult an electrical engineer or lighting specialist before you go off buying LED lights.....there a special designed ones for flood or spot lights......and in the chemical plant, I installed spark proof (and corrosion was of a concern as well).  After the lights, we focused on painting.  After all ….. painting is a corrosion barrier and it is part of properly maintaining your equipment.  Hopefully you have a paint standard in your plant so that there is consistency all around.  We also focused on having a nice bathroom, kitchen, and control room.   This shows you care for the employees and it allows them to feel appreciated a bit more.

    John Howell PE
    Senior Process Engineer
    Fredericton NB