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  • 1.  Multieffect evaporators

    Posted 07-01-2020 03:29
    Dear all,

    I am working on an assignment related to multieffect evaporators. I have an ammonium nirate concentration circuit. There are three effects and concentration increases 60-67% in 1st effect, 67-75% in 2nd effect and 75-89% in 3rd effect. 3rd effect is supplied with 16barg steam, 2nd with 6barg steam and 1st effect uses vapors from 2nd effect.

    I want to evaluate if vapors(currently vented) from 16barg steam can be utilized in 2nd effect or 3rd effect.

    I have a few question regarding this.
    (1)How do we calculate percentage increase of ammonium nitrate concentration? For eg if I am going to utilize this vented steam in 2nd effect, how will I calculate the concentration increase?
    (2)Which crucial factors should I consider before moving on in my preliminary assessment?

    If someone has already work on multi effect evaporators and wishes to spare out some time to guide me it would be great help.

    Thank you.
    Haider Ali, +92-324-9490130