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Speakers for Internal EHS Meeting - Prioritization & Work-Life Balance

  • 1.  Speakers for Internal EHS Meeting - Prioritization & Work-Life Balance

    Posted 08-26-2019 13:19
    We're looking for ​​speakers/coaches for an internal EHS meeting that would be able to present some tips and techniques for dealing with prioritization at work and that ephemeral goal of work/life balance.

    If you have any experience with the foregoing and possibly any contacts, please let me know.

    Thomas Leusner
    Global Environmental & Sustainability Manager
    Sylmar CA

  • 2.  RE: Speakers for Internal EHS Meeting - Prioritization & Work-Life Balance

    Posted 08-27-2019 00:47
    So the audience is an EHS group and PPG, and you want a speaker for work/life balance and prioritization.  Do I have that right?

    A couple of speaker ideas below.

     I've had a successful career, nobody every told me I worked too few hours, but I've almost never worked over 40-45 / week (with 1-2 exceptions that were true emergency situations)--in both the EPC world and operating world (I was a project manager for a large chemical company for a while, and a successful one with 4 out of 5 years ranking "Exceeds expectations").

    I've seen many people struggle with working more, and not seeing a return on their investment.  I've seen families fall apart due to lack of attention at home.  I've seen people tell me later in their careers "I was pursuing so much and all the while real life was just passing me by, and I missed it."  We wrap ourselves up so much in the job of what we do, that we lose our identity in it, and fail to realize
    • What we do is not the person of who we are
    • Who we are is not measured in the achievement of our goals, or the hours we log on a job
    • Who we are is better measured in our relationships--not our activities or progress
    • What we achieve at work is NOTHING if we have not the balance of life that makes us who we are

    That definition of balance is different for everyone.

    So to justify to an audience that work/life balance is a desired goal--one that is believed in and should be pursued, we have to convince them first that work/life balance is THE priority first, and then setting boundaries to achieve that work/life balance is next.

    To encourage work/life balance, as a result, is to set boundaries on one's self in how much work they have to do.

    If I remember the story right:  John Maxwell (books like Developing the Leader Within You) once said that he hired a secretary (the term at the time)  to do 40 hours a week of work for him.  He continued to pile on tasks on her, and one day she came to him and said "You have a problem, you have asked me to do these tasks, but I can't do them in 40 hours."  He was surprised someone told him this.  They went over the tasks and how much time it actually takes to do these things, and they both came to realize what she said was true:  "YOU have a problem...", in other words, he hired her for 40 hours a week, but was giving her 45-50 hours a week of work.  He was putting too much on her plate and she couldn't possibly succeed at her job.  SHE SET A BOUNDARY.  That was the key point.

    There are many examples of this, and many more bullet points I could write, but in the end, I can share so many experiences of how people succeed at work, fail at life.  Some succeed at life and, in relative comparison, fail at work.  But I've never seen anyone, ever, lay on a death bed and say " I wish I had worked more."

    Life is so much more than work.  In America especially, and in some other Western cultures, we wrap up our identity into our jobs and careers, and lose ourselves there.

    So a great question to ask oneself:  "If I suddenly did not have to work, what purpose would I have in life to fulfill?"

    I had a mentor ask me recently:  "If you had 8 hours to fill up with something you yourself really wanted to do, then what would it be?"
    I struggled to fill the void in the room of silence for 10-30 seconds, but as I focused on the question, I started realizing "What I really want to do is ___________...." (I'll keep that answer to myself right now).  It was a good answer with a good cause.

    So then "Why don't you schedule time to do that then?".

    And it made me realize, distractions of work, distractions of life, and of my phone, get in my way of being purposeful with the balance of time I do have.

    I'll leave you with that.  Again, I could go on for a long time.

    Recommendations to consider:  John Maxwell, I'm sure in his repertoire of lectures, this is a topic.

    Townsend (first name?) who wrote "Boundaries".

    Other authors along those lines would be good.

    Let me know who you select in the end, I'll be curious what you choose.  Perhaps I'll reply with more in coming days...I enjoy these topics immensely, curious what others will write and recommend as well.

    Eric Parvin PE
    Owner / Process Manager
    Highlands Ranch CO

  • 3.  RE: Speakers for Internal EHS Meeting - Prioritization & Work-Life Balance

    Posted 11-06-2019 06:08

    Sachin Mahajan ING
    Senior Analyst Production Planning
    ADNOC Onshore
    Chorniche, Abu Dhabi