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Air Eliminators

  • 1.  Air Eliminators

    Posted 16 days ago

    I am presently looking at installing an air eliminator upstream of a coriolis flow meter to reduce any errors in liquid readings. The flow rate ranges between 200 and 580 barrels per hour. The pump upstream is a positive displacement pump. If I use an air eliminator specified for the higher flow rate, how will this affect the removal of air from the linework?

    Shantal Ramdeo PE
    Senior Process Engineer
    Heritage Petroleum Company Limited
    Princes Town

  • 2.  RE: Air Eliminators

    Posted 15 days ago
    You may check the following points:
    1. Solubility or VLE data for the liquid at operating pressure/temperatures of air eliminator for arriving at air quantity at the inlet of flow meter. Check with the vendor whether it is in acceptable range or not.
    2. Check with the vendor whether positive displacement pump is acceptable for coriolis type of flow meter( provided selection of pump is still open now )
    3. If positive displacement pump is already frozen, ask the vendor to suggest suitable pump and also confirm requirement of dampener. You may select the pump with minimum oscillations.
    4. Check the experience of of coriolis flow meter with other industries ( also with positive displacement option)
    5. Whether liquid composition changes in your process? Is it acceptable with the vendor?


    Ex. Leader - Plant Operations