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Energy conservation and monitoring

  • 1.  Energy conservation and monitoring

    Posted 24 days ago
    ​Is it advisable to adopt Dynamic Baseline for monitoring the energy performance indicators in gas processing industry  ?

    Dr.Nambakkam Harindranath PE,PhD
    Senior Engineer, Energy Management
    ADNOC Gas Processing
    Abu Dhabi

  • 2.  RE: Energy conservation and monitoring

    Posted 22 days ago
    Yes, it would be good to have this information.  Some guidelines to consider:

    1    Have a mission statement (including, what to do with this information);
    2    Have a balanced and proactive group of contributors  (a governing body?);
    3    Figure out how to pay for it.

    An alternative is out there.   Think about going on a larger scale (affecting almost all processing industries) and create a mechanism that would implement this information fairly and decisively.  It would harness the power of the free market and change the world starting almost immediately:


    William Stuble PE
    Cora WY

  • 3.  RE: Energy conservation and monitoring

    Posted 21 days ago
    ​Its better to have a static baseline (a yearly challenging reference point) for energy performance indicators in gas processing industry.

    [Advisor Innovation]

  • 4.  RE: Energy conservation and monitoring

    Posted 18 days ago
    With the amount of data processing and analysis tools available today, individual facilities can and should monitor many aspects associated with efficiency and effectiveness.  As for industry standards, it would be good to have some standards to share for best practice purposes.  The challenge will be the variety of locational, feedstock, process technologies and other items that would have a large impact on each facility's metrics.  Any comparison between facilities would have to have enough definition to ensure that similar conditions are being compares.  Even on a specific facility, changes in feedstock, weather, market conditions and the end product splits will impact the energy usage so those factors will be to be considered in the analysis.

    One key benefit of taking the time to measure efficiency is that the employees will know that it is important to the company and having access to the data will most likely drive engagement and ideas to improvements that the management had not considered, so just getting started and engaging the workforce will add value, not matter the baseline.

    Gary Hilberg PE
    Continuum Energy
    Cypress TX