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Unplanned Shutdowns

  • 1.  Unplanned Shutdowns

    Posted 09-27-2019 08:44
    Hello Everyone.  We sell a software package called dynamic risk analyzer.  It has a proven track record of increasing uptime by at least 4% and has saved $5 million dollars in six months by identifying changes in process variables history and alerting the plant personnel days or even weeks in advance.  Nearly all of the major chemical companies tell me that software related decisions are done at the corporate level.  I am having some difficulty identifying who at the corporate level would have interest in exploring if this package is a good fit for their needs.  Would the person be a vice president of engineering or operations?  Any help would be appreciated.
    John Zarynow
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  • 2.  RE: Unplanned Shutdowns

    Posted 09-28-2019 18:09
    Just a quick glance through your website. My current job doesn't provide any insight, but if I put on my industry hat from my previous career, I would think that you would want to target the folks at the plant level that monitor and optimize plant operation and performance. This, from my frame of reference, would be management at the plant level of plant Technical chemical engineering staff involved with direct process engineering unit support. These are the daily analysts of fundamental operating parameters. The job of Operations is to make product. These Technical unit support folks try to figure out how to make it faster, cheaper, safer, with less environmental impact. There is an intended dynamic tension between these organizations.

    These folks are going to want to see under the covers about how your system works; theoretically, mathematically, and statistically. They are going to want to understand how you determine causation rather than just association. What you use to flag an anomaly. But you mention on the website that your technology is patented, so I'd think this would be insight you'd be willing to provide.

    Steve Cutchen
    US Chemical Safety Board
    Houston TX

  • 3.  RE: Unplanned Shutdowns

    Posted 09-29-2019 01:08
    Usually shut down related issues directly effect the company production targets and production planning.

    Meeting these targets or otherwise can influence company future investment decisions including replacing some old equipment , buying new software , or drilling new wells on the particular asset.

    People like field manager/ PS will communicate to Operations & Maintenance mange and Engineering Managers, who will further involve Asset Manager. Asset Manager then will involve JV partners (share holders of the asset) to take decision about new investment like buying software or Equipment.

    Affan Sadiq PE,CEng,IENG
    Senior Process Concept Engineer